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41 Hilarious Expressions From Your Conyo Cousins.

41 Hilarious Expressions From Your Conyo Cousins.

Enebe! Why make galit!

Get ready to laugh and learn, because the Conyo Culture is not just about designer bags and Apple Watches, it’s also about speaking the language! And by language, I mean a unique blend of humor, satire, and sarcasm — I mean a blend of English and Tagalog that’s so good, you’ll be wishing you were a Conyo too! So hold on to your Prada wallets and Chanel sunglasses, because we’re about to dive into 41 of the sassiest, most hilarious Conyo sentences you’ve ever heard. Whether you’re a student at De La Salle University or part of the new Generation Z, there’s something for everyone in this lively and entertaining culture.

Conyo Sentences

  1. I need to do some yoga and meditate, kasi feeling ko nagugulo ang mundo ko.
  2. Have you seen the bagong iPhone? Super ganda, ‘di ba?
  3. I can’t handle this weather, grabe talaga.
  4. I think we should make ibang move.
  5. You know, I’m so sosyal.
  6. What are you wearing bukas? I want to make sure better dressed ako.
  7. Don’t you think it’s too warm to make suot ang jacket?
  8. I hate it when people make pakialamero. Like, I can’t even!
  9. Make sure you bring your iPhone mamaya, I want to make upload sa Instagram.
  10. Can you make pasensya for a minute, I need to make pakialam sa phone.
  11. I have a lot of things to make pag-usapan with you later.
  12. Can we make pag-uusap tomorrow?
  13. I want to make bakasyon sa Japan next month, I heard the food is super mesherep!
  14. That dress is so “on fleek” diba?
  15. Let’s meet up sa Starbuck’s para coffee run tayo.
  16. Can you make resibo para maka-buy ako ng bagong iPhone.
  17. Parang gusto ko na mag-quit sa trabaho, it’s so tiring na.
  18. Can we make bisita sa mall later to buy some new clothes?
  19. My parents are always monitoring me, they don’t understand na I’m all grown up na.
  20. Ughh.. I don’t like her kasi she’s always making chismis about me.
  21. I need a break, I’ll make pahinga for a while.
  22. Make it short lang ha?
  23. I’m not conyo kaya!
  24. Why ba? What’s wrong with being conyo ba?
  25. Mej hassle naman this traffic, as in!
  26. It’s so sarap, di ba!
  27. OMG! I can’t.. I can’t even. Alam mo what I mean di ba?
  28. Ano bro! ML tayo later, G?
  29. Wait, brunch lang me with the familia.
  30. Why naman like daaat?!
  31. I’m super excited na, talaga!
  32. You’re, like soooo mabagal ha.
  33. Kuya, para lang dun sa may corner.
  34. Ughh the line is super long pa. Eh, I’m hungry na.
  35. Pareeeh, I’m still at work pa.
  36. She’s like… she’s super emotional talaga, as in grahhbeehh.
  37. I’ll make kain muna. You know naman my parents, super strict, he.
  38. Which Gucci back am I gonna bring today kaya?
  39. ‘Di ba? It’s like, I can’t…. parang…. ugghhh!
  40. Let us make meryenda later, Babe!
  41. Shopping tayo later, pweds ba?

The Conyo Culture may be perceived as just a materialistic lifestyle filled with designer bags and Apple Watches, but it’s also a language that is filled with humor, satire, and sarcasm that’s uniquely its own. From making “galit” to making “pakialam,” it’s a culture that is both lively and entertaining. So, whether you’re a student at De La Salle University or just someone who wants to learn something new, this culture has something for everyone. Just remember to hold on to your Prada wallets and Chanel sunglasses while you make “kain” and “meryenda.” Enebe! Why make “tense” when you can just laugh and enjoy the Conyo Culture!

Haha! I don’t even know if I make sense!

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