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Best Seoul Flavors at Home: 5 Must-Try Korean Food Delivery in Manila

Best Seoul Flavors at Home: 5 Must-Try Korean Food Delivery in Manila


Korean food obsessed ka rin ba? Forget just kimchi and bibimbap – Manila’s got next-level Korean eats waiting for you. Craving a taste of Seoul without leaving your couch? From icy noodle bowls that fight the summer sweat to sizzling BBQ and soul-warming stews, These Korean spots along with LAHAT FOOD has you covered. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of flavors – your hallyu-loving tastebuds will thank you! Time to level up your foodie game and check out these five can’t-miss Korean spots in the Metro:

Gaya Cold Noodle

Korean Food Delivery in Manila

Ditch the humid kitchen and let Gaya Cold Noodle in Malate save the day with their chilled noodle magic. Imagine icy broths and bouncy noodles delivered straight to your door. From classic flavors to spicy kicks, your Korean food delivery game just got upgraded.

  • Must-Try: The star of the show is the Mul-naengmyeon (buckwheat noodles in tangy beef broth), but spice-lovers, the Bibim-naengmyeon is your ticket to fiery noodle perfection. For the truly adventurous, try the Sundaegukbap (blood sausage soup). Craving more variety? Explore their flavorful Jeju Pork Noodles and Cold Fish Soup options. Plus, they’ve got flavorful pulutan and cold drinks like San Mig Light and Chum-Churum to complete your at-home Korean feast.
  • Customer Vibes: “My summer savior! Authentic, clean flavors delivered fast.” Fans love that Gaya brings a taste of Korean tradition without the need to head out into the Manila heat.
  • Unique Note: Ingredients imported from Korea mean an extra dash of authenticity in every order. If you’re craving the flavors of Seoul without leaving your couch, Gaya’s your best bet.

Ready to beat the heat with Gaya Cold Noodle delivered to your door? Download LAHAT FOOD delivery app today!

Ko-Pop Friends

Korean Food Delivery in Manila

Craving a K-Pop infused feast without leaving your couch? Located in 1004, 602 Remedios St. in Malate, Ko-Pop Friends delivers that combo you didn’t know you needed – Korean bites, Filipino faves, and an epic beverage menu? Sign. Me. Up.

  • Must-Try: Get your chopsticks ready for a whirlwind of flavors! Dive into their Osam Deopbab (sweet-savory beef and pork over rice), spice things up with the classic Kimchi Bokumbap (fried kimchi rice), or go all-in with a sizzling Samgyupsal feast. Add in a Filipino sisig platter, snacks galore, and wash it all down with classic soju – your karaoke playlist won’t know what hit it.
  • Customer Vibes: “My go-to for good food and a little K-Pop fueled chaos.” They love that Ko-Pop Friends brings variety and that party energy right to your door. Whether it’s Korean classics or comfort food staples, this covers all the bases.
  • Unique Note: This place is more than just Korean food delivery! Their massive menu means something for everyone. Hosting a watch party for the latest comeback? Filipino eats, Korean snacks, and soju galore means everyone’s fed and ready to celebrate your faves in style.

Ready to turn your living room into a K-Pop Friends branch? Time to fire up LAHAT FOOD delivery app!

Daraejung (BGC)

Korean Food Delivery in Manila

When your Korean cravings demand the real deal, Daraejung, located in The Fort Street in BGC, brings the premium goods without the need to leave your comfort zone. This spot prioritizes quality and those authentic Korean flavors – your DIY grill setup has never seen an upgrade like this.

  • Must-Try: Get ready to flex your grilling skills! Dive into their Korean Beef Set, curated for maximum melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Feeling fancy? Their Wagyu Set delivers luxury in every bite. And seafood lovers, the Red Fish Samhap brings variety and that fresh-off-the-grill goodness to the table.
  • Beyond the Grill: While meat’s the main event, Daraejung hits you with Korean comfort favorites too. Ready-to-eat bulgogi, classic side dishes galore, even those soul-warming stews like the signature Raw Pork Back Rib Stew – this is about having a true Korean feast delivered.
  • Customer Vibes: “This ain’t your budget buffet joint… and I’m here for it.” Daraejung caters to those serious about their Korean eats. Top-notch ingredients and authentic recipes bring Seoul’s flavors to your living room.
  • Unique Note: This place channels the ‘something special’ vibe. If it’s date night, a birthday celebration, or just treating yourself to the best darn Korean meal ever – Daraejung understands the assignment. Get ready for top-tier ingredients and that authentic flair.

Ready to take your at-home Korean BBQ to the next level? Treat yourself to Daraejung on your next delivery night!

Sinsun Sulnongtang

Korean Food Delivery in Manila

Discover the magic of sulnongtang, a Korean classic that’s like a hug in a bowl. Imagine melt-in-your-mouth beef simmered for hours in a rich, milky broth, the ultimate comfort food fix. Sinsun Sulnongtang in Malate, delivers this authentic experience alongside other crowd-pleasing Korean eats.

  • Must-Try: Of course, it’s all about their signature Seolnongtang. But for extra spice, check out the Busan Bibimmilmyeon (cold, spicy noodles), or treat yourself to their delicate steamed beef dish, the Modum Suyuk. They even have pancakes for those craving a little crispy goodness.
  • Customer Vibes: “Best hangover cure, rainy day fuel, kinda food that just heals the soul.” Sinsun Sulnongtang is a go-to when you need something warm, comforting, and deeply satisfying.
  • Unique Note: It’s not just soup for the soul – this family-run spot brings authentic Korean home cooking vibes to your delivery order. If you want that feeling of stepping into Grandma’s cozy kitchen… in Seoul… this is it.
  • Bonus: With Korean BBQ available at some locations, it’s a one-stop shop for all your Korean comfort food cravings – grill or warm-your-soul soup? Yes, please!

Ready to ditch those instant noodles and upgrade to soul-soothing Sinsun Sulnongtang delivered? Treat yourself to the real deal!

Janggeum Kitchen

Korean Food Delivery in Manila

Forget K-dramas – step into Janggeum Kitchen in Pasay for the real deal when it comes to homestyle Korean eats. Get cozy with classic dishes, experience warm hospitality, and discover flavors straight from a Korean granny’s recipe book.

  • Must-Try: Dive into their flavorful Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) and Ttukbaegi Bulgogi (sizzling bulgogi stew). Seafood lovers, those fresh Korean tuna dishes and live abalone call your name. Oh, and the kimchi? That’s the side dish everyone raves about, bursting with homemade authenticity.
  • Customer Vibes: “It tastes just like what I had in Seoul!” Janggeum Kitchen attracts those seeking traditional flavors, families looking for that welcoming “neighborhood spot” feel, and adventurous eaters ready to try less-common Korean dishes.
  • Unique Note: This ain’t just about trendy bites – they source premium meats and seafood directly from Korea. From melt-in-your-mouth Korean beef to those Jeju Island seafood delicacies, they prioritize freshness and authenticity.
  • Bonus: They even have a Korean cafe attached! Satisfy your sweet tooth with honey toast and unique drinks – it’s like a full Korean culinary adventure under one roof.

Ready to ditch the fast-food Korean trends and experience the full warmth of Janggeum Kitchen? Delivery has never tasted so authentic!

Why LAHAT FOOD Rocks Korean Food Delivery in Manila

Korean eats are just the beginning! LAHAT FOOD understands that sometimes you crave bibimbap, and sometimes you’re feelin’ a burger. Whether it’s Korean, Filipino, Japanese, or other global cuisines, they’ve got you covered with amazing choices all on one app. Download the app from the and !

  • Fast and Furious… But Reliable: No one likes hangry waits. LAHAT FOOD gets your eats to you quickly, so you can dig in while those noodles are still piping hot. No soggy fries or melted desserts here!
  • Promos You Won’t Miss: Score exclusive deals and discounts only found on the app. Who doesn’t love saving a little extra for the next round of bulgogi?
  • Customer Support That Speaks Human: Okay, we’ve all had nightmares with robotic customer service. LAHAT FOOD promises helpful, friendly support (because sometimes your order does get messed up).

Ditch the endless app hopping and forget lukewarm deliveries. LAHAT FOOD gets it – sometimes you crave Seoul-style eats while other days demand familiar flavors. Its multilingual app makes global food exploration a breeze, with live order tracking to banish hangry waits. Plus, they even accept KRW, taking convenience to a whole new level! Whether it’s Korean or comfort cravings, LAHAT FOOD delivers it all – fast!


Metro Manila ain’t just about kimchi anymore. It’s a full-blown Korean foodie paradise, brimming with places that deliver authentic flavors at all levels. From icy noodle bowls on sweltering days to sizzling stews when you need some Seoul-style comfort, there’s always something waiting to blow your tastebuds away. Whether you’re a seasoned K-food veteran or just getting started, let LAHAT FOOD be your culinary passport. No trekking into busy districts, no battling crowds – just incredible Korean eats delivered straight to your door. Time to level up your at-home Korean food game and see what Metro Manila’s scene is really cooking up!

Okay, enough drooling. Quit staring at the screen and treat yourself already! Order those noodles on LAHAT FOOD.

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