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6 Korean Dramas You’re Somehow Supposed to Enjoy Watching Right Now

6 Korean Dramas You’re Somehow Supposed to Enjoy Watching Right Now


Oh, great! Another article about the ever-so-popular Korean dramas, which seem to have taken over the Philippines like a tidal wave. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this. Apparently, their addictive charm has managed to captivate audiences everywhere, and even though I don’t personally see the appeal, I can’t deny their massive popularity.

And as if one genre wasn’t enough, these K-dramas come in all shapes and sizes, catering to the tastes and preferences of viewers around the world. From romance to legal dramas, supernatural thrillers, and coming-of-age stories, it’s like there’s no end to this madness. But hey, I did watch these dramas – begrudgingly, of course – so let me tell you about the six Korean dramas I never wanted to watch but did anyway because, well, love makes you do crazy things, and apparently, the Philippines can’t get enough of them.

Delivery Man (Supernatural Romance)

Oh, how original! A taxi driver who just happens to pick up a ghost as a passenger. Because that’s something we haven’t seen before, right? “Delivery Man” is a supernatural romance – as if the world needed more cheesy love stories with bizarre twists. In this so-called “heartwarming” tale, our protagonist ends up running a taxi service for ghosts, of all things.

Genre: Supernatural Romance, because why not throw in some supernatural elements to spice up an already sappy love story?

Ideal for: Romance enthusiasts who can’t get enough of lovey-dovey nonsense, fans of supernatural themes who are somehow not tired of ghost stories, and viewers who apparently enjoy “heartwarming” tales with a touch of mystery. Can’t people find something better to watch?

All the Liquors (Romantic Comedy)

Fantastic, just what the world needed – another romantic comedy! “All the Liquors” revolves around a marketing employee desperately trying to convince a chef to collaborate, even though the chef absolutely detests alcohol. I can barely contain my excitement. Spoiler alert: they eventually develop feelings for each other. Shocking, right?

Genre: Romantic Comedy, because apparently, there aren’t enough of these predictable, formulaic love stories out there.

Ideal for: Food and drink lovers who can’t seem to find a better way to spend their time, fans of romantic comedies who enjoy watching the same old storylines unfold, and viewers who appreciate so-called “lighthearted” and “feel-good” stories that have been done a thousand times before.

Muthaffuu!!!! Another legal drama to add to the never-ending list. In “Divorce Attorney Shin,” we have a former piano professor who becomes a divorce lawyer just to uncover the truth about something. Because that’s a totally logical and normal career change, right? I can’t wait to see what kind of over-the-top courtroom scenes this show has in store for us.

Genre: Legal Drama, because who doesn’t love a good dose of courtroom theatrics and endless legal jargon?

Ideal for: Fans of legal and mystery dramas who can’t seem to get enough of this stuff, viewers who enjoy character-driven stories (even if they’ve seen similar ones a million times), and those who appreciate a focus on personal growth and transformation, regardless of how far-fetched the plot might be.

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Oasis (Coming-of-Age Drama)

Oh, great, another coming-of-age drama. Because we haven’t seen enough of those, right? “Oasis” takes us back to the 1980s and 1990s, focusing on the dreams, friendships, and love of three young people. As if we needed more shows about angsty teenagers and their “profound” life experiences.

Genre: Coming-of-Age Drama, because what’s more entertaining than watching people stumble through their formative years?

Ideal for: Viewers who enjoy period dramas and can’t get enough of dated fashion trends, fans of character-driven stories that have been retold a thousand times, and those who appreciate the oh-so-original themes of love, friendship, and personal growth. How groundbreaking!

Fuck! I’ve had it with all these repetitive, overdone Korean dramas! I can’t take it anymore, and I need to step away from this madness before I lose my sanity.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (Political Thriller)

korean dramas

Are you kidding me? Another political thriller? In “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise,” we have a woman with a dark past who becomes South Korea’s First Lady. Because, of course, no one’s personal history ever comes back to haunt them when they’re in the public eye, right?

Genre: Political Thriller, as if the world of politics isn’t already chaotic enough without adding more drama to it.

Ideal for: Fans of political dramas and thrillers who can’t get enough of this overused genre, viewers who appreciate strong female characters (even if they’re surrounded by clichés), and those who enjoy suspenseful, intriguing storylines that are probably less thrilling than they’re made out to be.

Unintentional Love Story (Romantic Drama)

Oh, wonderful, another romantic drama. This time, we’ve got a guy tracking down an artist just to get his job back – and surprise, surprise, he ends up falling for him in this Unintentional Love Story. Because nothing says romance like using someone to regain your own position, right?

Genre: Romantic Drama, as if we needed another love story to make us roll our eyes.

Ideal for: Fans of LGBTQ+ themes who apparently can’t find anything better to watch, viewers who appreciate emotional storytelling (or should I say, melodrama?), and those who enjoy slow-burn romances with complex characters that make us question if they’re worth the time investment.


In conclusion, I’m absolutely thrilled that this ordeal is finally over. But hey, if you’re still interested in torturing yourself with these Korean dramas, go ahead and explore the seemingly endless array of genres and stories that the K-drama world has to offer. You’ve got supernatural romances, legal dramas, coming-of-age tales, political thrillers, and more – because who doesn’t love a good cliché?

Feel free to share your thoughts on these recommendations, or even suggest other K-dramas for us to watch (not that I’m eager to sit through more of them). Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be celebrating the fact that this article is finished!

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