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Back to the Grind: Ex-pat’s No-BS Guide to Manila 2024

Back to the Grind: Ex-pat’s No-BS Guide to Manila 2024


Holy shit, you’re really doing it. After years of living the ex-pat life, you’re hauling ass back to Manila. But hold up – before you start packing your balikbayan boxes, let’s get real for a sec. The Manila you left ain’t the same beast you’re coming back to. It’s 2024, baby, and this city’s gone through more facelifts than a Makati socialite.

You think you know Manila? Think again, pare. This ain’t your lola’s hometown anymore. It’s a whole new ballgame, and you better come prepared. From mind-bending traffic (yeah, some things never change) to a tech scene that’s hotter than a fresh batch of bibingka, we’re gonna break down everything you need to know.

So buckle up, buttercup. We’re about to take you on a wild ride through the concrete jungle of 2024 Manila. Leave your expectations at the airport – along with those overpriced pasalubong – ’cause we’re diving deep into the nitty-gritty of what it really means to be a balikbayan in this crazy town. Tara na!

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Manila Ain’t Your Tita’s City Anymore

Hold onto your asses, balikbayans, ’cause Manila’s gone through a glow-up that’d make your high school crush jealous. The skyline’s playing Tetris with skyscrapers, popping up faster than your tito’s beer belly at a family reunion. We’re talking next-level shit here – massive reclamation projects, highways crisscrossing like your lola’s crochet, and malls so big they’ve got their own weather systems.But don’t think Manila’s lost its soul in all this concrete madness. Nah, it’s like your favorite balut – weird on the outside, but still got that familiar kick. You’ll still find your go-to carinderia squeezed between those fancy-ass buildings, and the smell of isaw mixing with that new-city shine. Baka ma-culture shock ka ng konti (You might get a bit of culture shock), but trust me, this new Manila’s gonna rock your world harder than a Jollibee commercial.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Listen up, you soon-to-be balikbayans – Manila’s price tags have gone crazier than your tito after his third bottle of Red Horse. This ain’t the peso-pinching paradise you left behind. Inflation’s been working overtime, jacking up prices faster than you can say “tangina, ang mahal!” From your daily kape to that swanky condo you’ve been eyeing, everything’s got a fresh coat of expensive.

But don’t lose your shit just yet. While Manila’s playing in the big leagues now, it’s still cheaper than many global cities. You can still score some killer deals if you know where to look. Pro tip: ditch the fancy expat enclaves and live like a local. Shop at palengkes, hit up carinderia instead of overpriced cafes, and maybe skip that P500 artisanal kale smoothie. Tama na ‘yang maarte mong lifestyle (Enough with that fancy lifestyle of yours). Embrace your inner kuripot, and you’ll be living large without bleeding your wallet dry.

Traffic: Still a Bitch, But There’s Hope

Let’s cut the crap – Manila’s traffic is still a clusterfuck that’d make a saint swear. But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom in 2024. The government’s finally pulled its head out of its ass and made some real changes. We’ve got new elevated highways, an expanded train system, and even some fancy-ass bus rapid transit lines. It’s like someone actually listened to our collective “putangina” screams and did something about it.

But here’s the real game-changer: alternative transport’s blown up bigger than your tita’s chismis group. Bike lanes are actually a thing now, and not just decorative street art. E-scooters and e-bikes are zipping around like mosquitoes at a barbecue. And ride-sharing? It’s evolved, baby. You’ve got more options than a Jollibee menu. From carpooling apps to motorcycle taxis, there’s a shit-ton of ways to beat the gridlock. Just pick your poison and pray to the traffic gods. Kung swerte ka, baka makarating ka sa pupuntahan mo nang hindi pa ubos ang pasensya mo (If you’re lucky, you might reach your destination before your patience runs out).

Tech Scene: From Text Capital to Silicon Valley of the East

Holy shit, Manila’s tech scene’s blowing up faster than your feed during a Twitter war. We’ve gone from being the texting capital of the world to a legit tech hub. Start-ups are popping up like mushrooms after a monsoon, and big tech companies are setting up shop faster than you can say “Pucha, may job opening ba kayo?” (Damn, do you have any job openings?). From fintech to e-commerce, AI to blockchain – if it’s got code, Manila’s got it cooking.

But it ain’t just about the fancy new apps and gadgets. The digital transformation’s hit every corner of the city. Cash? That’s so 2010. Everyone and their lola’s using e-wallets and QR codes now. Even your favorite tapsihan probably takes GCash. And WFH? It’s not just a COVID thing anymore. Remote work and co-working spaces are hotter than a fresh bibingka. So dust off your laptop and polish those programming skills – in this new Manila, tech is king, and everyone’s trying to claim the crown.

Food Scene: Beyond Balut and Sisig

Listen up, you hungry bastards – Manila’s food scene has evolved faster than your lola’s adobo recipe. Sure, you can still get your fix of classic Pinoy grub, but the culinary landscape’s gone wild. Fusion restaurants are popping up like pimples before prom night, mixing flavors crazier than your tito’s karaoke playlist. We’re talking sisig tacos, adobo burgers, and sinigang ramen that’ll make your taste buds do the tinikling.

But it ain’t just about the food – the drink scene’s lit AF too. Craft beer’s become bigger than your tita’s balikbayan box, with microbreweries sprouting up faster than fake news on Facebook. And coffee? Forget your basic 3-in-1. Third-wave coffee shops are everywhere, serving up beans so fancy they probably have their own Instagram. Pati nga Mang Inasal nag-le-level up eh (Even Mang Inasal is leveling up). So come hungry, leave your food snobbery at the airport, and prepare for a culinary adventure that’ll make your old fave restaurants feel like yesterday’s leftovers.

Work It: Job Market Lowdown

Listen up, you career-hungry comeback kids – Manila’s job market’s gone through more changes than a teleserye plot twist. The BPO industry? Still kicking ass and taking names, but it’s not the only game in town anymore. Tech jobs are hotter than a jeepney’s exhaust pipe, with start-ups and big tech firms fighting over talent like it’s the last piece of lechon at a fiesta.

But here’s the real tea – remote work’s taken over faster than gossip in a sari-sari store. You can now bag a sweet gig without ever leaving your condo. Co-working spaces are popping up like zits before a date night, offering everything from free coffee to networking events. And if you’re feeling entrepreneurial? The start-up scene’s more alive than Divisoria on a sale day. Just remember, kung gusto mo yumaman, magtinda ka ng fishball (if you want to get rich, sell fishballs) – or maybe the 2024 equivalent: launch a crypto-powered, AI-driven fishball delivery app. Welcome to the new Manila hustle, pare.

Balik-Bayad: Taxes and Money Shit You Can’t Ignore

Alright, time for some real talk about the green stuff – and no, we ain’t talking about your tita’s malunggay smoothies. Coming back to Manila means diving headfirst into a financial shitstorm that’d make your accountant cry. The tax laws for balikbayans? They’re more complicated than your lola’s teleserye plotlines. You’ve got different rules depending on how long you’ve been gone, what kind of income you’re bringing in, and probably what zodiac sign you were born under.

But don’t lose your shit just yet. The banking scene’s stepped up its game faster than your cousin deleting drunk posts on Facebook. Digital banking’s the new normal, letting you move money around easier than jeepney drivers switch lanes. And investments? You’ve got more options than a Jollibee menu. From good old real estate to newfangled crypto stuff, there’s something for every kind of risk-taker. Just remember, kung ayaw mong malugi, mag-ipon ka ng pera (if you don’t want to lose money, save up). And maybe hire a financial advisor who isn’t your beer-chugging college buddy. Welcome back to the wild world of Manila money, pare. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata (Stay tuned for the next chapter)!

Back to the Grind: Ex-pat’s No-BS Guide to Manila 2024

So, you’ve finally decided to haul your ass back to Manila, huh? Buckle up, buttercup, ’cause you’re in for one hell of a ride. The Manila you left behind? It’s gone, kaput, sayonara – like your lola’s patience when you skip Sunday lunch.

It’s 2024, and this city’s changed more than your tito’s waistline after discovering unlimited samgyupsal. From sky-high buildings to mind-bending traffic solutions (yeah, you read that right), Manila’s got more surprises than a balut with twins. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’re gonna break down everything you need to know – from the crazy job market to the even crazier food scene. So grab a cold San Mig, settle in, and let’s get you prepped for the beautiful chaos that is Manila 2024. Putangina, it’s good to be home!


Back to the Grind: Ex-pat's No-BS Guide to Manila 2024

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