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Explosive Coldplay Concert in Manila 2024 Will Be a Freakin’ Ecstasy!

Explosive Coldplay Concert in Manila 2024 Will Be a Freakin’ Ecstasy!

Holy guacamole, mga kababayan! Hold on to your britches because the Coldplay Concert in Manila is happening, and it’s not just any concert – it’s the 2024 Music of the Spheres World Tour, baby! We’re talking about an eco-friendly extravaganza that’s gonna knock your socks off. Imagine Chris Martin and the gang serenading you with their angelic voices under the Manila night sky. The Philippine Arena is gonna be lit with the sound of music and the cheers of thousands of fans!

Coldplay Concert in Manila

But wait, there’s more! This ain’t your lola’s concert – it’s a full-blown spectacle. Expect confetti cannons, laser lights, and visuals that’ll make your jaw drop to the floor. And let’s not forget the heart-pounding, soul-stirring anthems that’ll have you singing at the top of your lungs. From “Yellow” to “Adventure of a Lifetime”, you’ll be taken on a musical journey that’s as epic as a telenovela plot twist.

Get your tickets now!

And here’s the cherry on top: Coldplay is going green, and not just the color of your Tito’s lambanog. They’re making this tour eco-friendly, so you can rock out while knowing you’re not punching Mother Earth in the face. Renewable energy, sustainable practices, and even tree planting – it’s like Captain Planet decided to start a rock band.

So, mark your calendars, save up your allowances, and get ready to experience the Coldplay Concert in Manila like no other. This is the kind of night that’ll make your grandkids jealous when you tell them about it. Let’s rock and roll, Pilipinas!

The Second Coming of Coldplay

So, here’s the 411: Coldplay, that iconic British pop-rock band known for hits like ‘Yellow’ and ‘Viva La Vida’, is gracing Manila, Philippines with their godly presence for the second time. They’re bringing their “Music of the Spheres” world tour to the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on January 19, 2024. Chris Martin, the lead vocalist, was practically frothing at the mouth with excitement in a video message, saying, “Mabuhay! To everybody watching… we’re so excited to announce that we’re coming back to play in the Philippines.” Mahal din namin kayo, Chris!

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Coldplay Goes Green

But wait, there’s more! These rock gods aren’t just about the music; they’re also saving the frickin’ planet with their sustainable concert practices! They’ve been busting their asses to reduce their carbon footprint. How, you ask? By running their entire show on renewable energy, using electric vehicles, and cutting down on waste and plastic. They’re like Captain Planet, but with better hair. And get this – for every ticket sold, they’re planting a tree. They’ve already planted around 5 million trees worldwide. Take that, deforestation!

Grab Your Tickets, or Cry Later

Coldplay Concert in Manila

Now, let’s talk Coldplay Manila concert tickets. You better have your finger on the trigger because ticket selling starts on June 19 for the Live Nation Philippines presale and June 20 for the general public. You can grab them at Don’t be that person crying outside the venue because you missed out.


  • Upper Box C Sides: P2,500
    That’s like, two venti frappuccinos and a burger. A steal!
  • Lower Box Premium 1: P22,000
    Okay, we’re getting serious here. But hey, it’s Coldplay!
  • Ultimate Spheres Experience: P46,000
    Holy cow! But check this out: you get a Lower Box Premium 1 ticket, a backstage tour that’s basically a golden ticket to Narnia, a professional photo op onstage, a dedicated entrance like you’re royalty, exclusive custom merch, a sustainable Coldplay gift item, and access to dedicated merch counters. Basically, you’re a rockstar for a night.
  • Supersolis Experience: P30,000
    You get one Lower Box Premium 1 ticket, and almost all the perks of the Ultimate Spheres Experience, except for the backstage tour, onstage photo op, and exclusive custom merch. Still freakin’ awesome!
  • Floor Standing: ₱11,000
  • LBA Premium 1: ₱22,000
  • LBA Premium 2: ₱21,000
  • LBA Regular 1: ₱20,000
  • LBA Regular 2: ₱17,000
  • LBB Premium: ₱15,000
  • LBB Regular 1: ₱13,000
  • LBB Regular 2: ₱11,000
  • UBA Premium: ₱10,000
  • UBA Regular: ₱8,500
  • UBB: ₱6,500
  • UBC: ₱5,000
  • UBD: ₱4,000
  • UBB Sides: ₱3,000
  • UBC Sides: ₱2,500

Final Thoughts

So, mga kaibigan, this is your chance to be part of Coldplay’s musical and environmental revolution in Manila. Coldplay is not just about the tunes; they’re about making the world a better place. So, put on your dancing shoes, bring your reusable water bottle, and let’s rock out with Coldplay while saving the planet!

P.S. If you don’t go, you’re dead to me. Charot! But seriously, go.

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