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Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol: A New Era in Philippine Luxury Resorts Set to Open in 2025

Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol: A New Era in Philippine Luxury Resorts Set to Open in 2025


Announcement of Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol

Hey there, mga ka-travel! Have you heard the latest chika? The Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol is set to burst onto the scene, and it’s not just any tambayan – it’s a game-changer in the world of luxury resorts. This bad boy is popping up in Panglao, and let me tell you, it’s more than just your usual dagat and buhangin getaway. We’re talking about a whopping 558-key resort that’s all set to jazz up Panglao’s already buzzing hospitality vibes.

Picture this: You step into this paradise, and boom! – your eyes are feasting on the most nakakaloka lakeside view, surrounded by sandy beaches that look like they’ve been ripped straight out of a postcard. And that’s just the beginning, mga bes.

Collaboration between Radisson Hotel Group and Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just a solo flight by Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts. Nope, they’ve teamed up with the big guns – Radisson Hotel Group. Yeah, you heard it right! These two hospitality titans are joining forces, and what does that mean for us? A fusion of world-class service and a unique Pinoy twist.

Imagine a place where every corner screams “Pinas na Pinas,” but with the class and elegance of Radisson’s global standards. It’s like mixing adobo and pizza – unexpectedly awesome!

So, what’s the big deal with this partnership? It’s simple. We’re looking at a resort that’s going to blend the best of both worlds – local charm with international finesse. And the best part? It’s all happening right here in the heart of Bohol, a place that’s already making waves as a top-tier tourist spot.

Stay tuned, mga kaibigan, because we’re just scratching the surface. The Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol isn’t just another resort; it’s a promise of a kakaibang adventure, luxurious relaxation, and memories that you’ll be bragging about for years to come. Tara na, let’s dive deeper into what makes this resort the next big thing in Philippine tourism!

  • Who: Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol, a collaboration between Radisson Hotel Group and Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts.
  • What: A new luxury resort, part of Radisson Individuals, offering world-class facilities and unique experiences.
  • Where: Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.
  • When (Grand Opening): Targeted for opening in 2025.
  • Website: Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts Official Website

Overview of Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts

Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol

Background and Expansion Journey

Let’s rewind the tape to the beginning. Crown Regency – it didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. It started small, like a humble kwek-kwek vendor, with the patriarch Jesus King buying up primo real estate. But they weren’t content with just playing Monopoly; they wanted to create something epic. Fast forward to 2003, and boom! The first Crown Regency hotel opens in Mactan, Cebu, and it’s not your typical, run-of-the-mill hotel. We’re talking big suite rooms, villas, and a city-hotel vibe on a beachy island. This wasn’t just a hotel; it was a revolution in Filipino hospitality. Fast forward again, and now they’ve got a powerhouse lineup across the Philippines – Davao, Makati, Cebu, Boracay, you name it.

Unique Facilities and Experiences Offered by Crown Regency

Now, let’s talk about the pasabog – the unique stuff that makes Crown Regency stand out. Ever thought of riding a roller coaster on top of a building? Yup, they did that. The Crown Regency Hotel & Towers in Cebu has the world’s first and only roller coaster on its 38th floor. And if that doesn’t make your heart race, try walking the Skywalk. But wait, there’s more! In Boracay, they showcase the world’s largest pearl. Yes, kasing laki ng iyong ulo! And don’t even get me started on their Wave Pool and Wave Rider.

Core Strengths and Values

Crown Regency isn’t just about big rooms and wild rides, though. Their secret sauce? It’s their Filipino heart and soul. They put a premium on guest satisfaction – if they can make it happen, consider it done. They’re like that friend who always goes the extra mile for you. And their core values? Teamwork, excellence, resiliency, service, stewardship – pretty much the embodiment of the Filipino spirit. And let’s not forget, they’re now gearing up for their most ambitious project yet – the Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol. Expectations? Sky-high. Excitement? Over the moon.

Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol

Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol

Resort Features

  1. Location and Size on Panglao Island Guess where this beauty is nestled? Panglao Island, Bohol – and it’s not just hiding in some sulok. We’re talking about a sprawling 2.9 hectares of pure paradise, sitting pretty with a lakeside view that’ll make your IG followers green with envy. Think sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters – parang painting, but it’s real!
  2. Architectural and Interior Design Inspirations Now, let’s talk design. Ever heard of Palafox and Associates? Well, they’re the geniuses behind this masterpiece. The resort’s design isn’t just ganda; it’s a tribute to Filipino heritage. Inspired by “Pahinungod” – a Visayan term symbolizing dedication and offering, the resort is a nod to Bohol’s rich culture. Expect warm tones, tropical vibes, and a feel that’s distinctly Pinoy.


  1. Description of Rooms and Suites The rooms and suites? Each one is like a love letter to luxury and local charm. We’re talking 558 rooms that aren’t just malaki – they’re designed to make you feel like Filipino royalty. Lake or forest views? Check. Spaciousness that’ll have you dancing TikTok routines? Double check.
  2. Features of Ground Floor Rooms and Standalone Villas And for those who love extra special treatment, the ground floor rooms have direct access to the pool – imagine waking up and taking a dive. And the villas? They’re like your private slice of heaven, offering intimacy and luxury in one neat package.

Amenities and Facilities

  1. Range of Dining and Recreational Facilities Foodies, rejoice! The resort’s dining scene is like a fiesta of flavors. From an all-day dining spot to a specialty Chinese restaurant and even a 1950s-themed bar, your taste buds are in for a treat. And let’s not forget the pool bar for those sunset cocktails.
  2. Convention Center and Event Spaces Looking for a place to hold that dream wedding or that big conference? The 900-square-meter convention center is your go-to. It’s not just malaki; it’s designed to impress. Whether it’s a corporate event or a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, they’ve got the space, the style, and the service to make it walang katulad.

Radisson Individuals Brand

Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol

Concept and Benefits of Radisson Individuals

First off, let’s unpack what Radisson Individuals is all about. Think of it as the cool Tito of the hotel world – it lets hotels keep their unique style and personality while being part of the big Radisson family. It’s like being indie but with a major label’s backing. Hotels get to show off their one-of-a-kind character and charm, but also reap the benefits of Radisson’s world-class standards and guest service. In short, it’s the best of both worlds – like having your cake and eating it too, with extra ube on top!

Alignment with Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort’s Uniqueness

Now, how does this tie in with the Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol? Perfectly, like adobo and rice! The resort’s unique Filipino flavor – that heartwarming local touch, the culture-rich design, and the Pinoy-style hospitality – gets to shine in all its glory. At the same time, it’s backed by Radisson’s global reputation for quality and service. It’s a match made in heaven, or should we say, in the most beautiful corners of the Philippines.

This partnership means guests can expect a stay that’s not just maalaga, but also world-class. We’re talking about a place that feels like home, but with the pampering you’d expect from an international luxury resort. It’s a celebration of Filipino charm, infused with a level of professionalism and quality that’s sikat worldwide.

Tourism and Economic Impact

Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol

Potential Impact on Panglao and Bohol Tourism

Picture this: Panglao Island, already a paradise on its own, now getting an extra jolt of excitement with the opening of Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort. It’s like the island is getting a glow-up, bes. This resort isn’t just a place to chill; it’s a magnet that’ll attract more tourists, both Pinoy and international. Imagine more travelers buzzing about Panglao’s beauty, from its powdery beaches to its underwater wonders. It’s not just good for the gram; it’s good for the local economy, too – more jobs, more business opportunities, and more reasons for people to say, “Panglao? Tara na!”

Contribution to Corporate and International Travel Segments

But wait, there’s more! The resort isn’t just for your beach-loving barkada; it’s also a primo spot for corporate and international travelers. Think big-time conferences, international meetings, and weddings that are nothing short of bongga. With its state-of-the-art convention center and luxury amenities, the resort is poised to become a hot spot for high-profile events. This means more global attention and a boost in the international travel segment. Talk about leveling up Panglao’s rep on the world stage!

Accessibility and Strategic Location

Now, let’s talk location. The resort’s not just sitting pretty; it’s strategically placed close to the Bohol-Panglao International Airport. And this ain’t just any airport – it’s your gateway to and from key cities like Manila and even international destinations like South Korea. It’s like Panglao’s saying, “Come over, it’s easy!” This accessibility means more tourists can hop in without the hassle, making Panglao not just a dream destination but a convenient one too.

Future Prospects

Expected Opening Date and Further Expansion Plans

Mark your calendars, mga kaibigan, because 2025 is the year we’ve all been waiting for – the grand opening of the Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol! Imagine stepping into this brand-spanking-new resort with everything fresh and shiny. It’s like the first bite of a hot, cheesy pizza – sobrang sarap!

But wait, there’s more on the horizon. After setting up shop in Bohol, Crown Regency isn’t just going to kick back and relax. No, sir! They’ve got their eyes set on bigger dreams. Think new resorts, maybe in places like Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines. Imagine Crown Regency vibes with those epic waves – astig di ba? They’re all about growth, sustainability, and bringing more of those unique, memorable experiences to travelers, both local and international.

Long-term Goals of Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts

Now, let’s talk long game. Crown Regency isn’t just building resorts; they’re crafting legacies. Their goal is to create destinations within destinations, places where each visit feels like a new discovery. They’re not just in it for the short haul; they’re playing for keeps, aiming to be a household name in Filipino hospitality. It’s about creating a brand that lasts generations, a brand that becomes synonymous with unforgettable experiences and top-notch service.

From city hotels to beach resorts, Crown Regency is on a mission to show the world what Filipino hospitality is all about. It’s like they’re telling a story – a story of growth, innovation, and a passion for creating places where people don’t just stay, they experience.


Summary of Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort’s Significance

So, what’s the real score with Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol? It’s not just another hotel; it’s a symbol of how far Philippine tourism can go. Think about it: world-class facilities, a blend of international standards and local flavors, and a location that’s straight out of a travel vlogger’s dream. This resort is set to be more than just a place to stay; it’s going to be a landmark, a story of success, and a testament to the Filipino spirit of hospitality.

With its unique offerings – from the rooms with a view to the killer dining spots, and the convention center that’s ready to host the world – it’s like Crown Regency is saying, “Welcome to the future of Philippine tourism, and guess what? It’s maganda!”

Anticipation of the Resort’s Opening and Its Impact on Philippine Tourism

And let’s not forget the excitement bubbling up for its 2025 opening. It’s like waiting for the finale of your favorite teleserye – you know it’s going to be good. This resort isn’t just opening its doors; it’s opening possibilities – for local jobs, for boosting the economy, and for putting Panglao and Bohol even more firmly on the world map.

The impact? Massive. It’s not just about the influx of tourists; it’s about showcasing the Philippines in a new light. A light that says, “We’ve got world-class destinations right here!” It’s about pride, progress, and the endless potential of our beautiful archipelago.

So, mga kaibigan, get ready. The Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort Bohol isn’t just a resort; it’s a beacon of Philippine tourism’s bright future. And when it opens, it’s not just a victory for Crown Regency; it’s a win for all of us who love and believe in the beauty of the Philippines.

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Crown Regency Grand Paradise Resort, Bohol

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