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Exciting Must-Watch Filipino Movies in 2024

Exciting Must-Watch Filipino Movies in 2024


Ever thought Filipino cinema was just about love stories and melodramas? Think again! The “Must-Watch Filipino Movies in 2024” are shattering these stereotypes with a lineup as diverse as it is exhilarating. We’re talking about a seismic shift from the traditional tearjerkers to a bold, new cinematic landscape. Filipino films are now a kaleidoscope of genres, embracing everything from high-octane action to quirky comedies, and even stepping into the uncharted territory of esports.

This year isn’t just about variety; it’s a landmark for international collaborations and quality storytelling. Filipino cinema is no longer just a local affair; it’s a global player, weaving our unique narratives into the larger tapestry of world cinema. So buckle up, mga kababayan, because 2024’s Filipino movie lineup is here to take you on a wild, unforgettable ride!

My Zombabe

Must-Watch Filipino Movies in 2024
  • Main Actors: Empoy Marquez and Kim Molina
  • Overview:My Zombabe” offers a unique blend of horror and comedy, set in the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. The story revolves around Pong (played by Empoy Marquez) and Yasmin (portrayed by Kim Molina), two characters who find themselves in the midst of this chaotic new world.
  • Why Watch: The film is a standout for its fresh pairing of Empoy and Kim, who are known for their comedic talents. Their chemistry promises to deliver a riot of laughter, making “My Zombabe” a testament to the creative evolution and genre-blending that’s now a hallmark of Filipino cinema.

I Am Not Big Bird

Must-Watch Filipino Movies in 2024
  • Main Actors: Enrique Gil
  • Release Date: February 14, 2024
  • Overview: Enrique Gil stars in “I Am Not Big Bird,” an irreverent comedy about mistaken identity. The film centers on Luis Carpio (Gil), who gets entangled in a hilarious case of mistaken identity due to his striking resemblance to a popular porn star known as Big Bird in Thailand​​.
  • Why Watch: This comeback film for Enrique Gil is a significant departure from his previous roles, usually rooted in romance and drama. It offers a groundbreaking and humorous take on identity and adulthood, making it an intriguing watch for those looking for something fresh and audacious in Filipino cinema​​.

GG (Good Game) The Movie

Must-Watch Filipino Movies in 2024
  • Main Actors: Donny Pangilinan, Maricel Laxa
  • Release Date: January 24, 2024
  • Overview:GG (Good Game) The Movie” explores the exciting world of esports through the eyes of Seth, played by Donny Pangilinan. As a passionate gamer, Seth delves into the competitive realm of gaming, navigating both its challenges and triumphs.
  • Why Watch: This film stands out as the first Filipino movie to delve into the esports arena, offering a fresh perspective on a burgeoning global phenomenon. The real-life mother-son duo of Donny and Maricel Laxa brings an authentic and heartfelt dynamic to the story, making it a pioneering and relatable watch for both gamers and non-gamers alike.

The Guardian

Must-Watch Filipino Movies in 2024
  • Main Actors: Nam Woo Hyun, Park Eun Hye, Han Jae Seok
  • Release Date: 2024 (specific date not confirmed)
  • Overview:The Guardian” is an action-drama film marking a significant collaboration between the Philippines and South Korea. The narrative revolves around Park Do Jun (played by Nam Woo Hyun) and his mother, Mi Jin (portrayed by Park Eun Hye), who relocate from Korea to the Philippines. Do Jun, giving up his collegiate education, takes up employment to support himself and his mother, whose addiction spirals out of control. The plot thickens when Mi Jin vanishes, and Do Jun learns of her abduction by a criminal organization, setting him on a daring rescue mission​​.
  • Why Watch: This film is a cultural milestone, showcasing a fusion of Filipino and Korean talents. It’s not just the story that stands out, but also the advanced filming techniques and collaborative efforts, making it a significant entry in the realm of Filipino-Korean cinema collaborations​​.

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As we’ve journeyed through the must-watch Filipino movies of 2024, one thing is crystal clear: the Filipino film industry is not just growing; it’s thriving with diversity and innovation. Each of these films brings something unique to the table.

“My Zombabe” melds horror and comedy, offering a fresh and humorous take on a zombie apocalypse with the dynamic duo of Empoy and Kim. “I Am Not Big Bird” marks Enrique Gil’s return with a bang, delivering an irreverent comedy that challenges and amuses in equal measure. “GG (Good Game) The Movie” ventures into the unexplored territory of esports in Filipino cinema, blending real-life and reel-life with the mother-son pairing of Donny and Maricel Laxa. And lastly, “The Guardian” stands as a testament to international collaboration, merging Filipino and Korean talents in a gripping action-drama narrative.

This year’s lineup is more than just entertainment; it’s a showcase of the Filipino film industry’s ability to evolve, adapt, and break new ground. From genre-blending to exploring new themes and fostering international partnerships, Filipino cinema in 2024 reflects a vibrant and diverse cultural landscape.

So, mga kababayan, let’s support our local cinema. Let’s immerse ourselves in these stories that resonate with our experiences, make us laugh, and keep us on the edge of our seats. As we witness the rich storytelling and innovation of our filmmakers, let’s celebrate the art that so beautifully captures the essence of our Filipino spirit.

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