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Embracing the Flavours: Haulah Cafe’s Culinary Pleasures for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day

Embracing the Flavours: Haulah Cafe’s Culinary Pleasures for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day

February is upon us! Though it is the shortest month, one can agree that it is incredibly vibrant, especially this year, as February 2024 brings two charming events. Chinese New Year falls on February 10, and Valentine’s Day falls on February 14.

What arrangements have you made? For people who love celebrating by eating out, finding the best restaurant is their priority. If you are still searching for one, we suggest a lovely place where delectable Asian fusion cuisine blends with a calm atmosphere.

Haulah Cafe in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City, offers gastronomic experiences where you can relish tasty dishes and create great memories.

The Origin

Haulah Cafe opened its doors in March 2020. Indeed, just before the global health challenge! Nonetheless, Haulah Cafe has grown strong and remains the dynamic cafe it was at its inception.

However, before we delve into their delicious menu and enchanting ambience, let us first discuss the unique background of the name “Haulah”. It combines Chinese, Singlish, and Filipino, representing the cultural elements influencing the café’s personality.

Now, let’s deconstruct the pieces! In Chinese, “Ni Hao” means hello, “hao” means good, and “hăole” means it’s alright. It emphasises a point when incorporated with the well-known Singlish phrase ‘Lah’. The result becomes “Haulah”, which sounds like the Filipino word “hawla”, meaning cage.

At the media launch of Haulah Cafe in 2020, Rochelle Ramos, the entrepreneur, openly discussed the challenges and inspiration that influenced the business. Using her experiences, she tells a touching story of her late aunt – a symbol of friendship, love, and support. The erratic course of life left her with a dream: she dreamed of a bird in a cage that one day flew out to become a phoenix.

Ramos found the clarity to pursue her passion through the unwavering support of people around her, especially her husband, Chef John Michael Yatco. Haulah Cafe came to stand as a sign of strength and change. Each visit to Haulah Cafe does not involve just a meal but an encounter with the soul of its inspiring origins.

Exterior and Interior Charm

Located on Visayas Avenue, Haulah Cafe draws passersby with its picturesque façade that lights up at night, transforming into a fairyland. As you enter, you notice the cafe firmly attached to its theme. The dining area on the left includes tables, chairs, and a comfortable sofa. A bar section has ample sockets for those who want to do their work and eat delicious food simultaneously.

The design of these areas allows visitors to see the hustle and bustle of Visayas Avenue. However, if you are searching for a spot away from the windows, the four large bird cages, complete with round tables, ideal for families and groups of friends, are perfect! You must wear socks in this area, though, as it features artificial grass flooring that leads to a kid’s play area. Don’t worry; there is a shoe divider to maintain the area’s cleanliness. Also, the cafe can lend you board games, so you can play while you wait for your food.

Make sure to take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics of Haulah Cafe. You can even take beautiful photos if you like. The cafe has a lot of pieces that make an excellent background for a picture. Take advantage of the beautiful rustic gold bird cages that adorn the cafe, incorporating stylish light fittings into the overall design.

Asian Fusion Delights

Apart from its fantastic ambience, what makes Haulah Cafe stand out is its Asian fusion menu designed by Chef John Michael Yatco. The menu highlights a variety of Asian flavours with a bit of Western influence, allowing you to enjoy the finest Asian dishes for the approaching Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

The Lechon Macao Set and Hainan Chicken Set are front and centre for the auspicious Chinese New Year. The Lechon Macao Set, which includes eggy rice, lechon macao, HK noodles, and bok choy with kropek, is a harmony of flavours carefully brought together for a complete meal. The Hainan Chicken Set is equally appealing, which includes eggy rice, Hainan chicken, HK noodles, and bok choy, served with three tasty sauces—burnt soy, chilli garlic oil, and ginger oil.

Each set meal is perfect for one person. But if you’re dining with the whole family, the Pancit Lechon Macao is one of the best dishes to share on the menu. Authentic stir-fried noodles and vegetables are perfectly tossed in the wok topped with crispy Lechon Macao, culminating in an extraordinary textural and flavour sensation. Moreover, the Sweet & Sour Fish crispy deep-fried battered fish doused in a heavenly sweet and sour sauce is another great addition to your table. Then, order a platter of yangchow rice, a colourful and tasty way to complete your family meal.

Switching to a romantic note for Valentine’s Day, the Porter Steak and BB Backribs hog the limelight. The Porter Steak is served with Parsley Rice and Mixed Veggies and is guaranteed to be a tender and juicy experience, while the BB Backribs have a sweet savour that makes you crave more.

And if you dine here on Valentine’s Day, Haulah Cafe ends your dining experience sweetly by presenting the Love Month Promo. On February 14, the first 20 customers to spend at least Php 1,000 on a single receipt will receive free desserts—a kind gesture to boost your Valentine’s celebration.

Matching these delicacies with suitable drinks adds spice to dining at Haulah Cafe. Cool off with a chilled Lychee Yakult, or invigorate your palette with a Passion Fruit Tea to balance out the richness of your Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day menus. For those with a sweet tooth, the Matcha Milkshake and Vanilla Milkshake provide an indulgent taste of sweetness that harmonises well with the savoury flavours of the dishes.

With the auspicious Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day approaching, Haulah Cafe most graciously invites you to sample the one-of-a-kind taste and atmosphere they offer at 106 Unit 101A Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. Though they look forward to greeting you on each of these special days, Haulah Cafe is happy to welcome you every day!

Haulah Cafe 

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