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Make Money Online: 3 Amazing Livestreaming Apps to Skyrocket Your Earnings in No Time!

Make Money Online: 3 Amazing Livestreaming Apps to Skyrocket Your Earnings in No Time!


In the digital age, the hustle doesn’t stop when the 9-to-5 does. More and more people are turning to innovative ways to earn some extra cash, and one of the most exciting methods to make money online that’s been gaining traction is livestreaming. Yes, you heard it right! Livestreaming isn’t just for gamers and influencers anymore; it’s a legitimate side hustle that’s helping everyday folks pad their wallets.

Now, if you’re in the Philippines, you’re in luck. The country is a hotbed for livestreaming, with a plethora of platforms vying for your attention. But among the crowd, three apps stand out from the rest: Bigo Live, Up Live, and Kumu. These platforms are not just popular; they’re veritable gold mines for those willing to put in the effort and showcase their talents. So, whether you’re a singer, a dancer, a talker, or just a charismatic individual, there’s a place for you on these platforms. Let’s dive in and explore how you can turn your livestreaming hobby into a profitable side hustle.

Overview of the Top 3 Livestreaming Apps

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Asian man recording a podcast on laptop computer with microphone while online live streaming at home.

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a titan in the world of livestreaming. This Singapore-based platform has taken the Philippines by storm, becoming a go-to app for many looking to connect, entertain, and earn. With its user-friendly interface and a vibrant community, Bigo Live offers a stage for anyone with a talent to showcase and an audience to captivate.

But it’s not all just fun and games. Bigo Live is also a money-making machine. Users can earn through virtual gifts received from viewers. Think of these gifts as tokens of appreciation from your audience. They buy these gifts with real money and send them to you during your livestreams. You can then convert these virtual gifts into real cash. It’s like receiving tips for a job well done, only in a fun and interactive way!

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Up Live

Up Live is another heavyweight in the livestreaming arena. This platform, while popular globally, has carved out a significant niche in the Philippines. Up Live is all about real-time interaction, allowing users to broadcast their talents and engage with their audience on the spot.

Much like Bigo Live, Up Live also offers its users the opportunity to earn through virtual gifts. But it doesn’t stop there. Streamers can also enter into contracts with Up Live, providing a more stable income source. It’s like being a star with a regular gig, only you’re in control of your show!


Kumu holds a unique position in the Philippine livestreaming landscape. As a homegrown app, it has a deep understanding of the local culture and community, making it a favorite among Filipinos both at home and abroad. Kumu brings Filipinos together, creating a sense of camaraderie and bayanihan in the digital space.

Earning on Kumu is similar to the other platforms, with a focus on virtual gifts received during livestreams. As a content creator or streamer, your audience can show their support by sending you these gifts. The more engaging and entertaining your content, the more gifts you’re likely to receive. It’s a fun and rewarding way to earn while doing what you love!

Make Money Online on Bigo Live and Up Live

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Receiving Virtual Gifts from Viewers

The concept of virtual gifts is simple yet ingenious. As a livestreamer, you entertain and engage your audience. In return, they can show their appreciation by sending you virtual gifts, which they purchase using real money. These gifts come in various forms, from simple emojis to extravagant virtual items. The more entertaining and engaging you are, the more gifts you’re likely to receive. Once you’ve accumulated enough gifts, you can convert them into real money. It’s like a digital tip jar that fills up as you wow your audience!

Becoming a Host or Hostess

Becoming an official host or hostess on Bigo Live and Up Live is like leveling up in the world of livestreaming. As a host, you have the opportunity to earn money through a salary or commission based on factors such as content quality, follower count, and time spent broadcasting. But with great power comes great responsibility. Hosts are required to meet certain monthly targets, such as broadcasting time and gifts received. It’s a bit more work, but the potential earnings make it worth the effort!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another avenue for earning on Bigo Live and Up Live. As a livestreamer, you can partner with brands or companies that align with your content and audience interests. During your livestreams, you promote their products or services and earn a commission for each sale or lead generated through your referral links. It’s a win-win situation: the brands get promotion, and you get a cut of the profits!

Participating in Contests

Who doesn’t love a good competition? Bigo Live and Up Live occasionally organize contests and events where livestreamers can showcase their talents, engage with their audience, or achieve specific targets. Winners can bag cash prizes or other rewards, adding a fun and competitive edge to the livestreaming experience. So, whether you’re a singer, a dancer, a comedian, or a charismatic chatterbox, there’s a contest out there for you to shine and earn!

Requirements to Become a Livestreamer on Bigo Live and Up Live

Becoming a livestreamer on Bigo Live and Up Live is a relatively straightforward process, but there are a few requirements you need to meet:

Age Requirement

First things first, you must be at least 18 years old to become a livestreamer on both platforms. This is a standard requirement across most livestreaming platforms to ensure the safety and appropriateness of content.

Device and Internet Connection

You’ll need a smartphone or tablet with a front-facing camera to broadcast your livestreams. And of course, a stable internet connection is a must. After all, you wouldn’t want your livestream to cut out in the middle of your performance, would you?

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App Installation

To get started, download the Bigo Live or Up Live app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve installed the app, sign up for an account, and voila! You’re ready to start broadcasting.

Additional Requirements for Becoming an Official Host

If you’re aiming to become an official host on Bigo Live or Up Live, there might be additional requirements. These could include meeting specific targets for broadcasting time and gifts received. Official hosts may also need to belong to an agency or partner with the platform. But don’t let this deter you. Becoming an official host can open up more opportunities for earning and growing your audience.

Potential Earnings of Livestreamers on Bigo Live and Up Live

When it comes to earnings on Bigo Live and Up Live, the sky’s the limit! However, your income as a livestreamer can vary greatly depending on several factors:

Number of Viewers

The more viewers you have, the higher your chances of receiving more virtual gifts. It’s simple math: more viewers equal more potential gift-givers.

Virtual Gifts Received

Your primary source of income as a livestreamer comes from the virtual gifts you receive from viewers. The more gifts you receive, the more money you make.

Engagement with the Audience

Building a strong connection with your viewers can lead to more virtual gifts and higher earnings. Consistently engaging with your audience and providing high-quality content can help increase your earnings.

Official Host Status

Becoming an official host on Bigo Live or Up Live allows you to earn money through a salary or commission based on factors such as content, followers, and time spent broadcasting.

Affiliate Marketing

Participating in affiliate marketing programs can provide an additional income stream. You can earn a commission for each sale or lead generated through your referral links.

Participation in Contests

Participating in contests organized by Bigo Live and Up Live can lead to cash prizes or other rewards, adding to your income.

Now, let’s talk numbers. On Bigo Live, some broadcasters have been known to earn as much as $5,000 per month. On Up Live, streamers’ earnings grew by over 100% in 2021, with an average monthly income of $1,000. However, these figures represent a range, and individual earnings can be higher or lower depending on your popularity and dedication to your channel. So, if you’re ready to put in the effort, livestreaming can be a lucrative side hustle!


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, livestreaming has emerged as a promising side hustle, offering a unique blend of entertainment, community, and financial reward. Platforms like Bigo Live, Up Live, and Kumu are leading the charge, providing a stage for talents to shine and a means for individuals to earn.

These platforms offer various ways to earn, from receiving virtual gifts and becoming an official host, to participating in affiliate marketing and winning contests. With dedication, creativity, and a dash of charisma, anyone can turn their livestreaming hobby into a profitable venture.

So, if you’re in the Philippines and looking for a fun and innovative way to earn some extra cash, why not give livestreaming a shot? Who knows, you might just become the next big star on Bigo Live, Up Live, or Kumu. Remember, every great journey begins with a single step, or in this case, a single stream. Happy streaming, and may the virtual gifts be ever in your favor!

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