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Pasig River Esplanade: The New Face of Manila’s Urban Revival

Pasig River Esplanade: The New Face of Manila’s Urban Revival

Hello, mga kababayan! Just this January 17, 2024, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. unveiled the latest addition to Manila’s urban landscape – the new Pasig River Esplanade. Part of the ambitious “Pasig Bigyang Buhay Muli” (PBBM) project, this development aims to breathe new life into the iconic Pasig River. Let’s dive into what makes this project a game-changer for Metro Manila!

A People-Centered Approach to Urban Renewal

Pasig River Esplanade

During the inauguration, President Marcos Jr. emphasized a “people-centered and community-driven development.” The showcase area spans a 500-meter stretch behind the iconic Manila Central Post Office building in Binondo. It’s not just a beautification project, folks. It’s a comprehensive plan to transform the river into a vibrant center of economic activity, tourism, and transportation connectivity​​​​.

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The Esplanade: A Blend of Recreation and Sustainability

Imagine strolling along a pedestrian-friendly walkway, water fountains and lighting adding a touch of elegance, and open-air venues for events. Yes, that’s what the new esplanade offers! Plus, the project includes a 50-kilometer promenade on both sides of the river, featuring public parks, jogging, and bike paths. It’s a total transformation from the river’s previously dismal state, declared biologically dead in the ’90s​​.

Funding and the Future

The project, with a whopping price tag of ₱18 billion, is a collaboration between the government and private sector. What’s great is that it aims to minimize financial exposure for the government. And it’s not just about aesthetics; the project involves relocating around 10,000 informal settler families, with plans for proper resettlement and housing​​.

A Long-term Commitment

This isn’t a one-off thing. President Marcos Jr. has committed to regular reports and strict milestones to ensure sustainable development of the Pasig River. It’s a big bet, but one that aims to rewrite the narrative of the river from a symbol of neglect to a beacon of urban renewal.

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What’s in Store for Manileños and Visitors

The new Pasig River Esplanade isn’t just a place to pass through. It’s envisioned to be a space where communities can come together, enjoy the outdoors, and appreciate sustainable urban living. It’s a step towards making Manila a greener, more livable city.

Pasig River Esplanade: Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it, mga ka-blog! The new Pasig River Esplanade is more than just a facelift; it’s a symbol of hope and renewal, a testament to the power of collaborative urban development. It’s a project that promises to transform the Pasig River into a thriving, lively space for all to enjoy.

Got any thoughts or experiences to share about the new Pasig River Esplanade? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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