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Stop Boring Weekends: Jump into Excitement at WiiJUMP Trampoline Park!

Stop Boring Weekends: Jump into Excitement at WiiJUMP Trampoline Park!

Introduction: Jump into Fun

Hey there, mga kaibigan! Are you ready to bounce off the walls – literally? Welcome to the wild, wacky world of WiiJUMP Trampoline Park, where gravity’s a joke and fun’s the real deal. Forget your boring treadmill; this place is where you leap into a whole new level of awesome.

Trampoline parks? Oh, they’re the latest craze where you get to act like a hyper kangaroo, and nobody bats an eye. But hold up, WiiJUMP Trampoline Park isn’t just your average hop-till-you-drop spot. It’s a haven of high-flying hijinks, where every jump sends a burst of adrenaline straight to your soul.

Nestled in the heart of Manila, we’ve got not one, not two, but four freaking fantastic locations! Fiesta Carnival Cubao, where the party never stops; Fairview Terraces, for that up-north vibe; Festival Mall, because why not make shopping trips more exciting; and Venice Grand Canal Mall, where you can pretend you’re jumping across Italian rooftops. Each spot is a unique ticket to a bouncing bonanza.

So, buckle up (or should we say, lace up those trampoline socks), and let’s dive into a world where the floor is lava, but way cooler – because it’s made of trampolines. Ready, set, tara na!

Location Spotlight: A Tour of Bouncing Bliss

WiiJUMP Trampoline Park
  1. Fiesta Carnival Cubao: Picture this: you’re smack in the middle of Quezon City, surrounded by the buzz of the urban jungle. Then bam! You step into Fiesta Carnival Cubao and it’s like entering a different universe. This place isn’t just a trampoline park; it’s a carnival of jumps and jolts. With its vibrant vibes and electrifying energy, it’s where you go to leave the mundanity of life behind and just freaking bounce your worries away.
  2. Fairview Terraces: Now let’s scoot over to the north – Fairview Terraces, baby! This isn’t just a trampoline park; it’s an oasis. Here, amidst the concrete jungle, you find a sanctuary where you can jump, flip, and fly. The atmosphere? It’s like your favorite chill-out spot got a dose of adrenaline. It’s the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation, making it a magnet for those who want to escape the city’s hustle without actually leaving it.
  3. Festival Mall: Next stop, Festival Mall in Alabang! This location is like the secret ingredient in your lola’s adobo – it just makes everything better. Nestled in a shopper’s paradise, this trampoline park adds a sprinkle of thrill to your retail therapy. Imagine interspersing your shopping spree with bouts of bouncing. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, only way more fun.
  4. Venice Grand Canal Mall: Last but definitely not least, the Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig. This spot is the epitome of “extra” – in the best way possible. Ever dreamed of jumping around in an Italian-esque setting? This is your spot. It’s where elegance meets excitement. Each bounce here feels like a leap across Venetian canals, minus the wet feet.

Each of these locations isn’t just a spot on the map; they’re realms where gravity takes a backseat and joy rides shotgun. So, ano pa hinihintay natin? Let’s get jumping!

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Leaping into Activities: More than Just Jumping

WiiJUMP Trampoline Park

Holy high-flying hijinks, Batman! If you thought WiiJUMP Trampoline Park was just about jumping, think again. This place is to trampolining what adobo is to Filipino cuisine – a classic with a million zesty twists. Take a gander at this epic map, and let’s walk (or jump) through what’s in store for you:

  1. Olympic Trampoline: This ain’t your backyard bounce pad, folks. It’s where you can unleash your inner Olympian – no medals required, just the guts to fly higher than your last breakup made you feel.
  2. Basketball Area: Got dreams of dunking but vertically challenged? Say no more. Here, you can slam dunk like Jordan in ’96, and nobody will know you’re actually just 5-foot-nothing.
  3. Sticky Wall: Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? Well, now’s your chance. Launch yourself onto this sticky wonder and hang out – literally. Just make sure to come down before you turn into a wallflower.
  4. Dodgeball: Remember the old saying, “if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball”? Well, here you can dodge a ball like a pro, and trust me, it’s a lot less painful than a wrench.
  5. Falling Net: This is for those who like the thrill of a cliffhanger without the actual cliff. Fall into fun and get caught up in a net that’s more reliable than your ex.
  6. Foam Pit: Dive into a sea of foam blocks without the fear of hitting rock bottom – because there isn’t one. It’s like the marshmallow bed you’ve always wanted.
  7. Ninja Course: For the warrior in all of us, this course lets you live out your Ninja Warrior fantasies without the TV crew and the dramatic commentary.
  8. Wall Climbing: Spider-Man, who? You can scale walls here and look down at the mere mortals below. No radioactive spiders needed.
  9. V-Trampoline and Free Zone: Here’s where you can bounce around without a care in the world. It’s a liberating, gravity-defying experience that’ll have you grinning like a kid who just discovered candy.
  10. Island Zone: This chill spot is where you can catch your breath after acting like a human pogo stick. It’s the perfect place to plot your next bouncing adventure.
  11. Café: All that jumping got you famished? Refuel with some grub at the café, because even bouncers need a break.

Rates at WiiJUMP Trampoline Park

Admission TypeDetailsPrice (PHP)
General Admission1-hour session499
Extended Hour1-hour extended session399
SocksSocks are required for safety purposes99
Early Jump10am – 12noon 1-hour session (Monday – Friday)399
10 hours MultipassConsumable anytime within mall hours3,990
20 hours MultipassConsumable anytime within mall hours7,485

So, mga ka-tropa, whether you’re a bouncy beginner or a pro flipper, there’s a spot for you here to get that adrenaline pumping. WiiJUMP Trampoline Park is where you can be airborne with style and live out your childhood dreams without a single “Ay nako!” from mom. Let’s get those feet off the ground!

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Family and Friends: Bonding that Bounces

Picture this: A family that jumps together, stays together – and at WiiJUMP Trampoline Park, they stick the landing! This place is the ultimate playground for families looking for an escape from the snooze-fest of typical weekends. It’s where Tito can show off his “hidden” gymnastic skills, and Lola can prove she’s still got the moves, all while the kiddos are bouncing off the walls (safely, of course). And friends? Imagine the Instagram stories you’ll make while flipping out – literally – and creating those “remember when” moments that’ll get you laughing years down the road. The verdict from the court of family fun? “Sobrang saya, grabe!” as one beaming jumper put it.

Then there’s the friend squad that sweats together – or in this case, bounces their way to tighter bonds. Reviews rave about the sweat-drenched smiles, the high-fives as you nail that double bounce, and the group selfies with gravity-defying hair. “Best day ever!” echoes in the background, mixing with the sounds of joyous laughter and the occasional “Ay, ano ba!” when someone takes the leap of faith into the foam pit. It’s a place that turns friends into family and family into your favorite playmates. Here, every jump is a story, and every flip is a memory etched in the heart – with a little bit of sweat on the side.

Celebrations on the Spring: Parties and Events

WiiJUMP Trampoline Park

Got a birthday coming up and tired of the same old spaghetti and hotdog combo with marshmallows? At WiiJUMP Trampoline Park, we say “Tama na!” to boring parties. Unleash the fun with their party packages that’ll have your guests jumping for joy – quite literally. Whether it’s team building that won’t make you yawn, vlogging sessions that’ll rack up the likes, or birthday bashes that’ll be the talk of the town, they’ve got you covered. With spacious, air-conditioned party zones, you can chill while the kiddos – or hey, even the adults – go wild on the trampolines.

Plus, with a dedicated party organizer, game organizing, and food assistance, you can kick back like you’re the one on vacation. They handle the stress, you bask in the celebration glory – win-win!

Interested in hosting a high-flying event or party at WiiJUMP Trampoline Park? Contact them directly at for more details and to start planning your special occasion!

So, what are you waiting for? Shoot them an email and book your next big event where the only thing you’ll worry about is how to top it next year. Remember, life’s too short for lame parties. When it comes to making memories, make ’em epic at WiiJUMP Trampoline Park. Tara na, book na for that next big celebration and let’s make some unforgettable, gravity-defying memories together!

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