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Side Hustles: These are the Best Ways to Make Money in 2024

Side Hustles: These are the Best Ways to Make Money in 2024


Hey there, mga kaibigan! Ready to uncover the best ways to make money in the Philippines this 2024? You’re about to step into a world where your side hustle game can seriously level up. We’re not just talking chump change here; we’re talking legit ways to pad your wallet—from mastering the art of freelancing to transforming your home into a money-making haven. Whether you’re stacking cash for that dream Boracay getaway or just aiming to bulk up your savings, I’ve got the insider tips on the best side hustles that’ll have you making it rain pesos in no time!

Virtual Assistant

Best Ways to Make Money Virtual Assistant

Ever dreamt of making money while chilling in your pajamas? Well, becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) is pretty damn close. As a VA, you’re the ninja behind the screen, handling all sorts of tasks from a remote location. We’re talking about managing emails (so your clients don’t have to), scheduling appointments (because who remembers those?), and answering customer queries (you’re the hero the customers didn’t know they needed). It’s like being an office superhero, but with less traffic and more coffee breaks.

Get Started

  • Outsource Access: This is where the magic starts. They offer not just jobs but a whole career path for aspiring VAs. With Outsource Access, you’re looking at comprehensive health plans, monthly training, and that golden nugget – flexible time. Perfect for those who want to work hard and play harder. Check them out here.
  • TaskBullet: Now, these guys have a unique approach with their ‘Bucket System’. Instead of committing to a full-time VA, you buy hours – kind of like a prepaid load but for productivity. It’s great for those who need a VA on a not-so-regular basis. Plus, they have this cool app to keep your tasks organized and updated. Peek into TaskBullet’s world here.


Best Ways to Make Money freelancer

Freelancing is like being the captain of your own ship in a vast ocean of opportunities. Whether you’re a wizard with words, a Picasso of graphic design, or a coding ninja, there’s a demand for your skills. It’s a smorgasbord of services – from writing engrossing articles to designing sleek websites. The best part? You call the shots. No more cranky bosses or eye-watering commutes. You work on projects that make your heart sing (and your wallet thick).

Get Started

  • Fiverr: Think of Fiverr as the turo-turo (street food stall) of the freelance world. It’s a bustling marketplace where you can offer just about any service. Whether it’s logo design or voice-overs, there’s a spot for you here. Set up your gig, set your prices, and watch as clients from all over the globe come flocking. Check out Fiverr here.
  • Upwork: This is the Jollibee of freelancing – popular and packed with options. On Upwork, you can bid on projects ranging from short-term tasks to long-term contracts. The platform is ideal for more seasoned freelancers looking to sink their teeth into bigger projects. Plus, their escrow system means your hard-earned money is protected. Dive into Upwork here.

Driver (Ride Share and Food Delivery)

Got a car or a motorbike? Great! You’re halfway there. Being a driver for ride-sharing or food delivery services is like turning your vehicle into a money-making machine. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about making those kilometers count – in cash! Plus, you get to be your own boss, work on your schedule, and meet all sorts of interesting people (or food, if you’re into that).

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For Ride-Sharing

Best Ways to Make Money Driver
Joyful female driver keeping hand on steering wheel and smiling while sitting in automobile
  • OWTO: This is a proudly Pinoy app that’s giving the big guys a run for their money. OWTO is all about safe and reliable rides, and they’re always on the lookout for drivers. Check them out here.
  • Grab: The big kahuna of ride-sharing in the Philippines. If you want a steady stream of passengers and the flexibility to work whenever, Grab is the way to go. Start driving with Grab here.
  • Angkas: For the two-wheeled warriors, Angkas lets you zigzag through traffic and earn cash. Plus, you get to wear a cool jacket! Join Angkas here.
  • Toktok: This one’s making waves as a reliable ride-sharing service. They’re all about providing quality and affordable rides. Start cruising with Toktok here.

For Food Delivery

Best Ways to Make Money Food delivery
  • Grab Food: Combine the might of Grab’s ride-sharing with the joy of food delivery. If you love the smell of food and the sound of money, this is for you. Deliver with Grab Food here.
  • Foodpanda: Pink is the new color of money with Foodpanda. Deliver delicious meals and earn per delivery – it’s as sweet as it sounds. Join the panda squad here.

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Rent Out Your Home

Best Ways to Make Money Airbnb Manilabnb

Imagine making money every time someone takes a snooze in your spare room. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Renting out your home, whether it’s just a room or the whole enchilada, is a fantastic way to rake in some extra cash. You could be hosting travelers looking for a short stay or even offering a cozy spot for longer leases. It’s not just about earning money; it’s about opening your doors to new experiences and meeting people from all over the globe (or just giving them a quiet place to crash).

Get Started

  • Airbnb: The big boss of home rentals. Listing your space on Airbnb means tapping into a global network of travelers looking for unique places to stay. It’s user-friendly, secure, and you get to decide who stays and when. Start hosting on Airbnb here.
  • VRBO: Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO) is another fantastic platform where you can list your property for travelers. It’s great for larger spaces and tends to attract families and larger groups. List your property on VRBO here.
  • ManilaBNB: Now, for those who prefer to keep it local, ManilaBNB is your go-to. They specialize in rentals within the Manila area, perfect for those who want to attract guests to the heart of the Philippines. Check out ManilaBNB here.


Think of reselling as your own retail adventure without the hassle of a physical store. You’re the boss, picking up products at bargain prices and selling them for a sweet profit. It’s like playing a real-life game of “buy low, sell high.” And the best part? You can dive into a variety of products – from fashion to electronics, and yes, even those rare collectibles that make collectors’ hearts beat faster.

Get Started

  • Carousell: This platform is like the Divisoria of the online world, but way more organized. offers a user-friendly interface where you can easily list and sell a wide range of products. From vintage clothes to the latest smartphones, you can sell it all here. Start your reselling journey on Carousell here.
  • Facebook Marketplace: It’s like your regular Facebook, but instead of memes and baby photos, you get to sell stuff. The Marketplace is fantastic for reaching a local audience. Plus, the trust factor of Facebook helps in closing deals faster. Dive into Facebook Marketplace here.
  • MyBenta: A proudly Pinoy platform where you can sell almost anything. is a great space for those looking to tap into the local Filipino market. It’s simple, straightforward, and has a growing community of buyers and sellers. Check out MyBenta here.

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Online Seller

Imagine having a store that’s open 24/7, and you don’t even have to leave your bed to run it. That’s the beauty of being an online seller. You get to reach customers far beyond your barangay, city, or even country. From artsy crafts to savvy software, there’s a platform for whatever you’re passionate about selling. Plus, the satisfaction of getting orders from all over the place? Priceless!

Sideline in the Philippines Shopee

Get Started

  • Shopee: This is like the SM Mall of the online world – popular, buzzing, and full of variety. Shopee is a favorite among Filipinos for its user-friendly interface and wide reach. Whether you’re selling homemade soaps or the latest gadgets, Shopee’s got a spot for you. Start selling on Shopee here.
  • Lazada: Another heavyweight in the online marketplace arena, Lazada is like your online Robinsons Mall. It’s ideal for sellers looking to tap into a larger Southeast Asian market. Plus, their system is pretty straightforward for setting up your online store. Begin your Lazada journey here.
  • TikTok: Yep, you read that right! If you’ve got a decent following on TikTok, you can turn those likes and views into sales. It’s all about leveraging your creativity and audience engagement to showcase and sell your products or services. So, if you’re already a TikTok superstar, why not monetize it? Learn more about selling on TikTok here.


Boom! That’s the rundown, mga ka-tropa! These aren’t just side hustles; they’re the best ways to make money on your own terms. You could be sipping a cold one while your rental property does the heavy lifting, or cruising through the streets of Manila, pocketing cash with every trip. There’s a world of opportunity waiting for you to put your name on it. So, ano pa hinihintay mo? Jump into these money-making adventures and watch as your bank account swells with gratitude. Remember, when it comes to side hustles, it’s your game, your rules. You’ve got this, kaya mo yan!

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