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Top 10 Call Centers in the Philippines

Top 10 Call Centers in the Philippines


You’re walking along the busy streets of Manila, the smell of freshly cooked street food lingers in the air, and the sound of OPM hits from the 2000s playing in the background. Among the hustle and bustle of city life, you’ll find the heartbeat of the Philippine economy—the call center industry. As a popular choice for global companies, the Philippines has become a go-to destination for call center operations, giving many friends and family a chance to prove their world-class skills.

But hey, enough of the chit-chat! Let’s dive into the top 10 call centers in the Philippines that have not only made a mark on the global stage but also captured the hearts of their Filipino employees.

Top 10 Call Centers in the Philippines

call centers in the philippines

1. Concentrix

Halo-Halo Mix of Services

Concentrix started out as a small-time player but has now grown into one of the leading call center companies in the Philippines. Their unique “halo-halo” mix of services, from customer support to technical assistance, makes them a top choice for businesses worldwide.

On-the-Job Parokya ni Edgar Playlist

But what makes Concentrix really stand out is their employee satisfaction and company culture. Their workplace feels like a Parokya ni Edgar concert, with employees enthusiastically singing along to the tunes of teamwork, camaraderie, and a healthy work-life balance.

2. ePLDT, Inc.

Connecting Filipinos, One Call at a Time

ePLDT, Inc., the call center arm of the Philippines’ leading telecommunications company, PLDT, has been connecting Filipinos since its inception. With its wide array of services, ePLDT has become a trusted partner for businesses looking for top-notch support and solutions.

A Taste of Adobo in the Digital World

Working at ePLDT is like enjoying a plate of adobo in the digital world. The company provides its employees with a delightful blend of benefits and a work environment that fosters growth, making ePLDT a favorite choice for many aspiring Filipino call center professionals.

3. Teleperformance

From Showtime to Showtime Support

Teleperformance, a global giant in the call center industry, has made its mark in the Philippines by providing showtime-level support to a variety of clients. From healthcare to finance, Teleperformance has shown its versatility and adaptability in serving various industries.

Telenovela-Level Office Dramas (In a Good Way)

Working at Teleperformance is like being part of a telenovela, but in a good way. Employees enjoy engaging storylines of personal and professional growth, making Teleperformance an ideal workplace for those looking to level up their call center careers.

4. iSupport Worldwide

Outsourcing, Leveled-Up

iSupport Worldwide has made a name for itself by providing outsourcing services with a twist. Catering to small and medium-sized businesses, iSupport offers top-of-the-line support, giving their clients a chance to compete with industry giants.

The Pancit Canton of Call Centers

Working for iSupport Worldwide is like enjoying a delicious serving of pancit canton—full of flavor and satisfaction. The company provides opportunities for employee growth and development, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling work experience.

5. Sutherland Global Services

A World of Opportunities

Sutherland Global Services is a call center powerhouse with a global presence. Offering a wide range of services, from customer support to back-office solutions, Sutherland has become a trusted partner for businesses all over the world.

Sinigang, Outsourced

Working at Sutherland is like indulging in a warm bowl of sinigang – comforting and fulfilling. Employees benefit from a nurturing work environment that encourages career growth and development, making Sutherland a popular choice for many Filipino call center professionals.

6. JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Wall Street Meets EDSA

JP Morgan Chase & Co. brings the sophistication of Wall Street to the bustling streets of Manila. Their call center operations in the Philippines offer a wide array of services, including banking and financial support, under the umbrella of a globally recognized brand.

Banking on Your Future

At JP Morgan Chase & Co., employees can bank on a bright future. The company provides competitive perks and benefits, along with numerous opportunities for career growth, making it an attractive destination for Filipino call center professionals seeking to up their game.

7. IBEX Global

A Call Center with a View

IBEX Global offers a unique call center experience, thanks to its picturesque office locations. With a diverse range of services, IBEX has become a go-to partner for businesses seeking top-notch support.

Balut, Anyone?

Working at IBEX Global feels like trying balut for the first time – a daring yet rewarding experience. The company is committed to employee satisfaction and a vibrant company culture, while also making strides in corporate social responsibility initiatives.

8. Accenture

Transforming Business with a Filipino Touch

Accenture is a global leader in the call center industry, and their Philippine operations have been instrumental in providing exceptional service to clients worldwide. With a focus on innovation and transformation, Accenture has become synonymous with cutting-edge call center solutions.

It’s More Fun in Accenture

Employees at Accenture enjoy a dynamic work environment where fun and productivity go hand-in-hand. With opportunities for growth and development, Accenture is a top choice for Filipinos looking to make waves in the call center industry.

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9. TaskUs

The Millennial-Friendly Call Center

TaskUs is a breath of fresh air in the call center industry, catering to start-ups and fast-growing companies. With a focus on innovation and flexibility, TaskUs has made a name for itself as a go-to partner for businesses seeking a modern approach to call center support.

TaskUs, the Conyo Playground

TaskUs is the ultimate “conyo” playground, offering a fun and millennial-focused company culture. Employees enjoy a wide range of perks and benefits, making TaskUs an attractive workplace for young professionals seeking a vibrant and dynamic call center environment.

10. IBM Solutions Delivery

The IT Masters

IBM Solutions Delivery brings the expertise of a global IT giant to the Philippines’ call center industry. With a wide array of services and a connection to a global brand, IBM’s call center operations in the Philippines are a force to be reckoned with.

The Kare-Kare of Tech Support

Working at IBM Solutions Delivery is like enjoying a hearty serving of kare-kare – rich and satisfying. Employees benefit from a unique company culture that emphasizes satisfaction and opportunities for growth, making IBM an excellent choice for call center professionals looking to advance their careers.


The top 10 call centers in the Philippines have made significant contributions to the country’s economy and have provided countless Filipinos with stable and rewarding employment opportunities. From customer support to technical assistance, these call centers have become synonymous with world-class service and Filipino ingenuity.

As the call center industry continues to grow and evolve, the Philippines remains at the forefront, with these top 10 companies paving the way for a bright and promising future. So, whether you’re an aspiring call center agent or a business owner seeking top-notch support, these Philippine call centers are sure to exceed your expectations.

So next time you find yourself wandering the streets of Manila, soaking up the sights, sounds, and flavors of the city, take a moment to appreciate the hardworking Filipinos who make up the backbone of the call center industry. They’re not only representing the Philippines on the global stage but also making us proud, one call at a time.

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