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Uptown Modern Megaworld: Redefining Luxury in the Heart of BGC

Uptown Modern Megaworld: Redefining Luxury in the Heart of BGC


Hook: Ever thought of commanding your crib with a flick on your smartphone like a goddamn wizard? Well, Megaworld’s Uptown Modern is turning that fantasy into reality. Picture this: You’re chilling on your couch, and with just a tap on your phone, the lights dim, your favorite playlist starts bumping through the speakers, and the aircon adjusts to that sweet spot between cool and cozy. Magic? Nope, just a regular Tuesday at Uptown Modern.

Welcome to the bleeding edge of urban luxury, right smack in the pulsing heart of Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig City. Uptown Modern isn’t just another high-rise to dot the skyline—it’s a 54-story statement of style and sustainability, a trophy for those who’ve made it big. Think of it as your exclusive slice of the future, where every unit is a smart tech playground equipped with all the gizmos you didn’t know you needed until now.

We’re not just talking fancy frills here. Uptown Modern Megaworld is setting the gold standard for residential towers with its key selling points. Built-in appliances? Check. Wireless smart home systems that listen to your every command? Absolutely. E-vehicle charging stations for the eco-conscious speedsters? You bet. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So if you’ve been looking to level up your living space, you might want to hang around to see what Uptown Modern has got cooking.

Welcome to Uptown Modern Megaworld: Your Slice of the Sky in BGC

Discover the upscale residences at Uptown Modern by Megaworld, where every unit is a masterpiece of design and comfort, nestled in the vibrant heart of Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Choose your perfect fit from our diverse selection of units, each with its own unique flair:

Unit SizeTypeStarting Price
40 sqmSTUDIO (no balcony)Php25,000/mo
44.5 sqmSTUDIO w/ balconyPhp25,000/mo
51 sqm1BR w/ balconyPhp40,000/mo
64.5 sqm1BR w/ balcony + Maid’s RoomPhp40,000/mo
80.5 sqm2BR w/ balcony + Maid’s RoomPhp60,000/mo
134.5 sqm3BR w/ balcony + Maid’s RoomPhp100,000/mo
123.5 sqm2BR Loft w/ LanaiPhp60,000/mo
  • Compact Chic: The 40 sqm Studio (no balcony) is the epitome of sleek urban living, starting at only Php25,000/month. A space-efficient layout that includes a full kitchen, a cozy living and dining area, and a well-appointed T&B.
  • Balcony Bonus: Our 44.5 sqm Studio with a balcony gives you that extra breath of fresh air, and the allure of outdoor space in the city, starting at the same affordable rate.
  • One-Bedroom Wonder: Upgrade to our 51 sqm 1BR unit with a balcony, starting at Php40,000/month. It’s perfect for singles or couples looking for a bit more room, featuring a separate bedroom for privacy and a balcony for those stunning BGC views.
  • Sophisticated Solo: The 64.5 sqm 1BR with balcony and an additional maid’s room offers more space for individuals with a taste for luxury, starting at Php40,000/month.
  • Roomy Retreat: For families or those who love extra space, the 80.5 sqm 2BR with a balcony and a maid’s room starts at Php60,000/month. It provides ample living space, privacy, and the convenience of an extra room.
  • Triumphant Trio: The expansive 134.5 sqm 3BR with balcony plus maid’s room, starting at Php100,000/month, is designed for those who demand the most from city living, offering generous space, luxury, and comfort.
  • Lofty Aspirations: Our unique 123.5 sqm 2BR Loft with a lanai, starting at Php60,000/month, offers a two-floor living experience with a garden lanai, providing an exceptional lifestyle choice.

Each of these residences is not just a living space but a statement of style and convenience, with smart home features and built-in appliances for a seamless living experience. Plus, with exclusive access to amenities like sky gardens, retail shops at the ground level, and a myriad of recreational facilities, Uptown Modern isn’t just a place to live—it’s a place to thrive.

The Future of Urban Living

Welcome to Uptown Modern Megaworld, where the luxury condominiums are so smart, they’re practically clairvoyant. Each unit comes equipped with a wireless smart home system that’s the stuff of sci-fi dreams. With a tap on your dedicated smartphone app, you’re in command of your domain. Lights dim on cue, your air conditioning knows just how cool you like it, and your sound system plays your jam without you saying a word. This isn’t just a home; it’s your personal genie in a high-rise bottle.

Key Points

  • Wireless smart home systems for ultimate convenience and control.
  • Smartphone app to manage home features remotely.

But this tech-savvy wonder isn’t just about the wow factor. It’s about the everyday peace of mind and the sheer convenience it brings into your life. Left in a rush and forgot to turn off the appliances? A swift swipe on your screen, and you’re all set. Your smart home is on guard, offering you control, efficiency, and a touch of luxury, all bundled into one seamless experience.

Uptown Modern doesn’t just offer you a place to crash; it hands you the keys to the future of urban living. It’s a sanctuary where every element is designed to elevate your living experience, with smart home technology as your silent, ever-vigilant butler. Here, your lifestyle is upgraded to first class, and the only thing old school about it is the view from your window, which, by the way, you can admire with just the right lighting, thanks to your smartphone.

Luxurious Units and Built-In Sophistication

Step into any unit at Uptown Modern Megaworld, and you’re stepping into a world where luxury is the standard and sophistication is built into the walls. From cozy studios to sprawling three-bedroom suites, each space is a testament to modern living. Sizes range from a compact urban haven of 39 square meters to an opulent 183 square meter loft, each decked out with top-of-the-line European brand deliverables. The built-in appliances aren’t just shiny add-ons; they’re a nod to sustainable living, seamlessly integrated into each unit to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing style or functionality.

Key Points

  • Various unit sizes with premium European brand appliances.
  • Built-in smart features for an effortlessly modern lifestyle.

The devil is in the details, and Uptown Modern’s got this down to an art. Every unit boasts a suite of smart features, including digital locksets and inverter split-type air conditioners that whisper cool comfort without a fuss. The kitchens are a chef’s dream, with induction cooktops, range hoods, refrigerators, and even built-in ovens in the larger units. It’s not just a home; it’s a haven crafted with built-in sophistication, ensuring that whether you’re a culinary whiz or a tech enthusiast, you’re catered for in a style that’s as sustainable as it is swanky.

Green Living in the Heart of the City

In the heart of Uptown Bonifacio’s concrete jungle, Uptown Modern Megaworld stands as an oasis of sustainability, where eco-friendly amenities aren’t just an afterthought—they’re the main event. The tower’s green heart beats with the rhythm of sustainable features designed for the eco-warrior urbanite. The e-vehicle charging stations, a forward-thinking facility for the city’s growing number of electric vehicles, signal a shift towards cleaner mobility. Meanwhile, the energy-generating fitness equipment in the outdoor gym turns your sweat sessions into power sessions, literally juicing up the building with every calorie burned.

Key Points

  • E-vehicle charging stations and energy-generating gym equipment.
  • Water conservation systems and energy-efficient lighting for eco-friendly living.

But the commitment to Mother Earth doesn’t stop at power plugs and pedal pushers. Uptown Modern takes water conservation seriously, with low flow rate faucets and a rainwater harvesting system that would make even the skies proud. And let’s not forget the LED lights that illuminate every unit and common area, ensuring that your carbon footprint is as light as a feather. These sustainable features are more than just amenities; they’re a manifesto, a declaration that luxury living can go hand in hand with loving the planet. Uptown Modern isn’t just a place to live; it’s a place that lives with purpose.

Sky-High Gardens and Exclusive Amenities

At Uptown Modern Megaworld, the sky is not the limit; it’s the playground. Nestled among the clouds, the sky gardens sprawl across various levels, offering more than just a patch of green. They’re tranquil urban oases, sky-high retreats where you can escape the city’s hustle and bask in serenity. These verdant sanctuaries, suspended stories above the ground, are not just about aesthetics; they’re about air, space, and life. Whether you’re seeking a moment of solitude or a breath of fresh air, these gardens are your personal slice of paradise in the sky, complete with panoramic views that remind you—you’re living the high life, quite literally.

Key Points

  • Tranquil sky and roof gardens offering serene, green spaces.
  • Sixth-floor amenities including an infinity pool, daybed cabanas, and a kiddie pool.

Dive down to the sixth floor, and the luxury amenities unfold like a red carpet of leisure. The infinity pool is a liquid masterpiece, where the water’s edge seems to kiss the city skyline, complemented by an inviting jacuzzi to soak your worries away. Surrounding this aquatic centerpiece are plush daybed cabanas, perfect for that sun-kissed nap or an al fresco meeting that beats any boardroom.

For the little tykes, there’s the kiddie pool with its own aquatic playground, ensuring that luxury is a family affair. And for those moments when you need to disconnect, the Zen reading nook awaits, a silent alcove that whispers, “Relax, you’re home.” Uptown Modern doesn’t just promise exclusive amenities; it delivers an exclusive lifestyle, tailor-made for those who crave the finer things in life, six stories above the ordinary.

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Connectivity and Convenience

In the age where electric vehicles are zooming into the mainstream, Uptown Modern Megaworld rides the wave with not just a nod to e-vehicle charging but a full-blown embrace. Picture this: seven whole floors dedicated to parking that doubles as charging stations, a nod to the eco-conscious driver who never has to worry about running low on juice. It’s a game-changer, a convenience that plugs you into the future of transport, ensuring that your eco-friendly ride is always ready to roll. This isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s about setting the pace for a greener, more connected lifestyle in the heart of the city.

Key Points

  • Comprehensive e-vehicle charging facilities across parking floors.
  • Advanced security with RFID access and digital locksets.

But let’s talk security because in this urban haven, your peace of mind is paramount. With smart security features like RFID access, your entry is as seamless as it is secure, streamlining your comings and goings with a wave of a card. And those digital locksets on your doors? They’re not just sleek; they’re Fort Knox-level secure. With these tech-savvy safeguards, Uptown Modern isn’t just your home; it’s your fortress. Here, connectivity isn’t just about the internet—it’s about a lifestyle that connects convenience with security, ensuring that every aspect of your life at Uptown Modern is as smooth as it is safe.

The Uptown Modern Advantage

Living at Uptown Modern Megaworld means never having to deal with the inconvenience of a power outage. With 100% backup power for all units and common areas, life goes on uninterrupted, ensuring that your personal slice of heaven in BGC never misses a beat. This kind of reliability is rare, it’s a luxury in itself, providing residents with continuous comfort and security. Whether it’s a stormy night or a city-wide blackout, Uptown Modern residents will be none the wiser, cozied up in their homes where every light, every appliance, and every luxury remains at their fingertips. This isn’t just an amenity; it’s a lifestyle guarantee that few can boast, making Uptown Modern a beacon of continuous luxury living.

Key Points

  • 100% backup power for uninterrupted luxury living.
  • Strong investment potential with significant expected sales revenue.

Beyond the unbeatable comfort, Uptown Modern presents an irresistible opportunity for the savvy investor. Megaworld anticipates generating a whopping P29 billion in sales from this tower, a testament to its expected demand. Investing in a property here isn’t just about acquiring real estate; it’s about buying into an exclusive lifestyle that’s poised to appreciate. With the tower’s strategic location, cutting-edge features, and the backing of one of the country’s leading developers, it represents not just a home, but a wise investment that promises returns as robust as its foundations. Uptown Modern isn’t just building homes; it’s building legacies, offering a piece of the future for those ready to claim it.


Uptown Modern Megaworld isn’t just a residential tower; it’s a pioneering force in the metropolis of tomorrow. It stands tall as a beacon of what modern living should be—a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability. This is where eco-consciousness meets opulence, where your carbon footprint shrinks even as your lifestyle expands. By choosing Uptown Modern, you’re not just picking a new address; you’re making a statement that you live life at the forefront of innovation and environmental responsibility.

So, can you see yourself here? Picture your life upgraded, where every day is a step into the future—a future that’s lush, luxe, and leaves a legacy of sustainability. If that’s a vision that sparks a fire in you, then it’s time to make a move. Dive into the possibilities, explore the life that awaits at Uptown Modern, and consider making it more than just a vision—make it your reality. Come, join this modern, sustainable community and stake your claim in the city of the future. Uptown Modern isn’t just your next home; it’s the home of the future, and it’s calling your name.

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