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Welcome to Cofficina Cafe + Cowork: Where Coffee, Creativity, and Community Coexist

Welcome to Cofficina Cafe + Cowork: Where Coffee, Creativity, and Community Coexist


Imagine a place where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the quiet hum of productivity. A place where the rhythmic tapping of keyboards sets the beat of your day, and the occasional laughter from a nearby table serves as a gentle reminder that work and play can indeed coexist. Welcome to Cofficina Cafe + Cowork, a vibrant corner of Marikina that’s been buzzing with energy, creativity, and camaraderie for six fantastic years.

Established in 2017, Cofficina has been more than just a co-working space. It’s been a second home, a sanctuary, a melting pot of ideas, and a launchpad for dreams. As Cofficina celebrates its 6th anniversary this June, let’s dig deeper into the heart and soul of this unique place. There’s a lot to share, from the inspiration behind its name to the thought process behind its DIY interior design. So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing), sit back, and let’s get this conversation started!

Brewing Answers: A Deep Dive into Cofficina’s Unique Blend

Cofficina Cafe + Cowork
2/F Unit 14 Thaddeus Arcade, Pitpitan St, Cor Gunting St, Marikina, 1801 Rizal, Philippines

HQ: Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind Cofficina Cafe + Cowork’s name? How does the fusion of “coffee”, “office”, and “kusina” (kitchen) embody the spirit of your co-working space?

Cofficina: The inspiration behind Cofficina’s name stems from our vision to create a unique and inclusive space that combines the elements of coffee, office, and kusina (kitchen). Coffee represents the vibrant and energetic atmosphere we strive to cultivate, while “office” symbolizes the professional work environment we provide. The inclusion of “kusina” reflects our commitment to nurturing a sense of community through shared meals and fostering connections among our members. This fusion embodies the spirit of our co-working space by offering a dynamic and collaborative setting where individuals can work, connect, and indulge in culinary delights.

Cofficina Cafe + Cowork

HQ: How does your logo, inspired by the city’s bicyclists, reflect the philosophy and values of Cofficina Cafe + Cowork?

Cofficina: Our logo, inspired by the city’s bicyclists, holds deep significance in reflecting the philosophy and values of Cofficina. The bicycle, with its wheels forming the letters C + O, represents the core values we stand for: collaboration, connection, and community. It symbolizes the journey of individuals, pedaling forward and overcoming obstacles along the way. This design encapsulates our belief in the power of collaboration, the importance of forging connections, and the strength of our community in propelling individuals towards their goals.

HQ: Can you share some highlights about the amenities and services you provide? What makes your high-speed WiFi, standing desks, lounge area, kitchen, and other features stand out in the co-working space market? 

Cofficina: At Cofficina, we take pride in offering an array of amenities and services that set us apart in the co-working space market. Our high-speed WiFi ensures uninterrupted connectivity for seamless work. The availability of standing desks promotes an ergonomic and healthy work environment. Our fun area provides a comfortable space for relaxation and informal meetings. The presence of a well-equipped kitchen enables our members to enjoy homemade meals and fosters a communal dining experience. These features, along with others such as private meeting rooms and event spaces, cater to the diverse needs of our members, promoting productivity, convenience, and a sense of belonging.

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HQ: What are the operating hours of Cofficina Cafe + Cowork, and how do these hours cater to the needs of your diverse members? 

Cofficina: We understand the importance of catering to the diverse schedules of our members. Cofficina operates from Mondays to Fridays at 9AM to 1AM (the next day) and Saturdays at 12NN to 10PM to accommodate a variety of working preferences. Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, our flexible hours ensure that you have access to our facilities whenever you need them. We recognize the value of offering extended hours to support the productivity and work-life balance of our diverse community.

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HQ: Can you discuss your membership plans and their associated costs? How do these plans cater to different types of professionals and their needs? 

Cofficina: Our membership plans at Cofficina are designed to cater to the unique needs of different professionals. We offer various membership tiers, each tailored to provide the ideal workspace solutions. The associated costs depend on the chosen plan and its included features. Whether you require full-time access, part-time access, or a virtual office setup, we have membership options that align with your requirements. We strive to offer competitive pricing to ensure our services are accessible and beneficial to professionals from various fields.

HQ: How does Cofficina Cafe + Cowork foster a sense of community among its members? Can you share examples of collaboration or networking that have taken place within your space? 

Cofficina: Cofficina places a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of community among our members. Through various initiatives, we encourage collaboration, networking, and relationship-building within our space. We facilitate networking events, workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions where members can connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. Our online community platforms also provide avenues for members to engage and connect virtually, creating a vibrant ecosystem of support and collaboration.

HQ: How does the design and layout of Cofficina Cafe + Cowork encourage interaction and collaboration among its members? 

Cofficina: The design and layout of Cofficina are intentionally crafted to encourage interaction and collaboration among our members. Our open-plan layout promotes a sense of inclusivity, allowing for spontaneous interactions and the formation of new connections. We strategically position communal areas, such as the lounge and kitchen spaces, to serve as natural gathering points, fostering conversations and networking opportunities. Additionally, the incorporation of shared workstations and communal tables further encourages interaction and the exchange of ideas among members.

HQ: Can you tell us about the events that Cofficina Cafe + Cowork has hosted? How do these events add value to your members’ experience?

Cofficina: At Cofficina, we take pride in hosting a diverse range of events that add value to our members’ experience. These events include workshops, seminars, guest speaker sessions, and networking events. We invite industry experts and thought leaders to share their insights and provide valuable learning opportunities. Additionally, we organize social events, celebrations, and community-building activities to foster a sense of camaraderie among our members. These events not only enhance professional development but also contribute to the vibrant and inclusive community spirit at Cofficina.

HQ: How does Cofficina Cafe + Cowork accommodate non-members who want to enjoy a good meal or coffee? Can you share some highlights from your food and beverage menu? 

Cofficina: While Cofficina primarily caters to our members, we also welcome non-members who wish to enjoy a good meal or coffee. Our food and beverage menu offers a delightful selection of dishes, including both local and international flavors. From delectable meals to specialty coffee, our menu highlights the culinary expertise and attention to detail that we are known for. Whether you are looking for a quick snack, a hearty lunch, or a refreshing beverage, our menu caters to diverse tastes and ensures a memorable dining experience.

HQ: Can you discuss the thought process behind the DIY interior design of Cofficina Cafe + Cowork? How does this contribute to the overall atmosphere of the space? 

Cofficina: The thought process behind the DIY interior design of Cofficina stems from our desire to create a space that feels welcoming, inspiring, and representative of our community. We believe in embracing creativity and personalization, and our DIY approach allows us to infuse our space with unique elements and touches that reflect the diverse interests and talents of our members. This contributes to an atmosphere that encourages self-expression, collaboration, and a sense of ownership among our community members. The result is an inviting and dynamic environment that stimulates productivity, creativity, and a sense of belonging.

Sipping on Feedback: Hear it Straight from the Cofficina Community

And there you have it, mga kaibigan! A sneak peek into the world of Cofficina Cafe + Cowork. But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what their members have to say:

“So much better than Starbucks and coffee beans. and its peaceful so its easier for me to think about what to code or what my next project is. recommending this to my buddies.”

Dominic T. H.

“Nice place! It’s like having coffee comfortably at home.. Board games are fun too.”

Vilma G. D.

“Finally a co working space in the north! Great concept and food is superb!”

Maryl R.

“Love the place! Would be great if you could make the hourly pass consumable… right? Right? Who’s with me?”

Veronica Joy R-H.

“will definitely go back here.”

Rachelyn M.

“Found a Secret haven for office junkies. #suchcozy #muchcoffee #likewow”

Jezreel Gerome D.

“Sa mga naghahanap ng lugar para makagawa ng Thesis and mga Paper Works this Semester dito nyo gawin I promise matatapos ninyo ng maayos lahat from Tittle hanggang CV. Kung writer ka pwedeng pwede sayo ang lugar na ‘to mabubuo at mapagtatagpi tagpi mo lahat ng kwento ng gusto mong isulat.”

Ferlito A.


So, whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a change of scenery, a budding entrepreneur seeking inspiration, a techie looking to code your next big project, or a student in search of that perfect study spot, Cofficina is the place to be! Come for the coffee, stay for the community. After all, Cofficina Cafe + Cowork isn’t just a co-working space. It’s a family. And there’s always room for one more sa mesa.

So, ano pa hinihintay mo? Tara na sa Cofficina!

Location: 2/F Unit 14 Thaddeus Arcade, Pitpitan St, Cor Gunting St, Marikina, 1801 Rizal, Philippines

Hours: Mondays to Fridays at 9AM to 1AM (the next day) and Saturdays at 12NN to 10PM
Phone: +63 2 8739 5890

Instagram: @cofficinacowork

Facebook: @cofficinacowork

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