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35 Unforgettable Topics: What Girls Really Talk About When They’re Drunk—Unleashing Hilarious Chaos and Epic Nights

35 Unforgettable Topics: What Girls Really Talk About When They’re Drunk—Unleashing Hilarious Chaos and Epic Nights


Picture this: It’s Shikaina’s birthday, and the room is buzzing with the kind of energy that only comes from a group of wild, unfiltered women. The drinks? Oh, we’re talking next-level classy. There’s Vodka Spritz, Vodka and Watermelon Punch for those feeling a bit tropical, and Peachy Keen for the sweet souls. Don’t forget the Moscow Mule, the Espresso Martini for those who want a buzz with their buzz, Negroni for the sophisticated palates, and Vodka Lime and Soda for the purists. This isn’t just wine night; it’s a full-on cocktail extravaganza.

The laughter is loud, the stories are flowing, and the atmosphere is as intoxicating as the drinks themselves. You can feel the sisterhood in the air, thicker than the smog sa Mandaluyong. This is where secrets are spilled, advice is doled out like candy, and the topics? Well, they range from the hilarious to the downright absurd.

So, sit back, grab your favorite cocktail or shot, and buckle up, mga ka-HQties! When a squad like this assembles, you’re not just in for stories—you’re in for legends. What Girls Really Talk About When They’re Drunk is more than just chit-chat; it’s an unfiltered, unhinged rollercoaster of epic proportions. So, cheers! Let’s plunge headfirst into the uproarious, scandalous, and downright unforgettable universe that unfolds when the booze starts flowing. Tagay!

Family & Friends Dramas

What Girls Really Talk About When They're Drunk

The “Telenovela” Family Reunion: When family gatherings turn into soap operas.

Shikaina takes a sip of her Peachy Keen and starts, “You guys ever have those family reunions that are straight-up telenovelas?” Kristina nods, “Oh, you mean like when Tita Cora slapped Tito Boy because he flirted with the caterer?” Shikaina laughs, “Exactly! It’s like ‘Maria Mercedes’ but with more lechon!” The room bursts into laughter, each one mentally replaying their own family dramas.

The “Plastikada” Friend: Exposing the friend who’s faker than a 3-dollar bill.

Jane, now on her Vodka Spritz, chimes in, “What about those plastikada friends?” Thea rolls her eyes, “You mean like Jenny who acts all sweet but talks shit behind your back?” Shikaina adds, “Yeah, she’s faker than a 30-peso bill, mga sis!” The room nods in agreement, silently thankful they’ve got a solid crew right here.

The “Walang Utang na Loob” Sibling: Calling out the sibling who never returns favors.

Kristina, drinking a Vodka Lime and Soda, gets real. “Let’s talk siblings. Ever have one who’s a complete ingrate?” Shikaina sighs, “My sister, hands down. I lent her my car, and she returned it with an empty tank!” The room groans, each one silently cursing their own “Walang Utang na Loob” siblings.

The “Ampalaya Chronicles”: A history of the most bitter family or friend feuds.

Thea, feeling the Negroni, decides to spill some tea. “Alright, who’s got the most ampalaya story?” Shikaina grins, “My cousin stole my ex and acted like she won the lottery. Joke’s on her; lang pera yun!” “Wahahahaha!” The room erupts in laughter, each one sharing their own “Ampalaya Chronicles.”

The “Ninang sa Kasal, San ka?” Award: A search for the godparent who’s MIA during important events.

Jane, now sipping her Espresso Martini. “Okay let’s talk about, the ‘Ninang sa Kasal, San ka?’ award.” Shikaina laughs, “My Ninang promised me a car for my wedding. Guess what? She didn’t even show up!” The room bursts into laughter, each one silently hoping their own godparents are more reliable.

The Ex Files (Lovelife)

What Girls Really Talk About When they're Drunk

The Ghost of Exes Past: Exploring the ex who still haunts your IG stories.

Shikaina’s swirling her Vodka Spritz and suddenly bursts out, “You guys won’t believe who’s still haunting my IG stories!” The room leans in, eager for the tea. “It’s like this guy’s got nothing better to do than stalk my life. Ano ba, tangina, get a life!” The room erupts in laughter, each girl mentally scrolling through their own list of IG-ghosting exes.

The “Nagmahal, Nasaktan” Chronicles: A rundown of the most hurtful breakup lines ever heard.

Thea, now a bit tipsy from her Espresso Martini, chimes in, “Oh, speaking of shitty lines, remember the classic ‘It’s not you, it’s me?'” The room groans. “Punyeta, as if that’s supposed to make anyone feel better!” Shikaina adds. It’s like a twisted game of Bingo, but the prize is realizing how universally crappy some exes can be.

The “Sayang Naman” Award: A tribute to the ex you wish you never dated.

Shikaina takes a gulp of her Peachy Keen and goes, “Ugh, let’s not forget Mr. Sayang Naman. The guy was a walking red flag!” Nods all around. “I mean, sayang ang time, effort, at kilay ko sa kanya!” The room laughs, each one silently nominating their own ex for this dubious honor.

The “Balikan Mo Na” Campaign: Discussing the ex everyone thinks you should get back with.

Jane, sipping her Negroni, suddenly goes all sentimental. “Okay, but what about the ones worth a second chance?” Shikaina nearly spits out her drink. “Girl, are you drunk or just sira-ulo?” The room erupts in laughter, and just like that, the “Balikan Mo Na” campaign is over before it even started.

The “Pabibo” Ex: A look at the ex who tried too hard to win you back but failed miserably.

Finally, Shikaina can’t resist sharing about her “Pabibo” ex. “This guy thought a flash mob would win me back. A fucking flash mob, you guys!” The room loses it, imagining the cringe-fest. “He looked like he was auditioning for a bad reality show!”

The Sex Files

What Girls Really Talk About When They're Drunk

The “Big O” Hall of Famer: Celebrating that guy who gave her the most orgasms.

Shikaina’s friend, Kristina, takes a sip of her Moscow Mule and leans in with a devilish grin. “Okay, ladies, let’s talk about the ‘Big O’ Hall of Famer.” The room goes silent, all ears. “This guy knew his way around, if you know what I mean. I was hitting high notes Mariah Carey would be jealous of!” The room bursts into laughter and applause, each girl mentally awarding their own “Big O” trophies.

The “Nagkulang sa Pansin” Award: A spotlight on the guy with the small pototoy.

Thea, now on her second Espresso Martini, can’t resist. “Oh, let’s not forget the ‘Nagkulang sa Pansin’ guy.” The room erupts in giggles. “I mean, I needed a magnifying glass, mga sis!” Shikaina chimes in, “Girl, you should’ve charged him for wasting your time!” More laughter, more drinks, and more nods of agreement.

The “Walang Hiya” Locations: A tour of the wildest places you had sex at.

Jane, still sipping her Negroni, decides it’s her turn. “Alright, spill it. Where’s the wildest place you’ve ever done it?” Shikaina grins, “On a Ferris wheel. Top of the world, baby!” The room gasps and then laughs, each one pondering their own “Walang Hiya” locations.

The “Kasalanan ng Alak” Night: Recounting the most regrettable drunk sex episode.

Kristina, now switching to a Vodka and Watermelon Punch, gets a bit serious. “Okay, but what about those ‘Kasalanan ng Alak’ nights?” Shikaina sighs, “Oh, don’t remind me. Woke up next to a guy dressed as Thor. I thought I was in an Avengers movie!” The room can’t contain their laughter, each one silently thanking the heavens for not having their own Marvel mishap.

The “TMI” Session: Unveiling the weirdest kinks and fetishes.

Thea, summoning her inner daredevil, blurts out, “Okay, mga sis, let’s get into some TMI territory. Who’s got some freaky-deaky kinks?” Shikaina shoots her a sly grin, “Ah, you mean like that time you confessed you’re into some back-door action?” Thea’s cheeks flush a shade of red that would make a tomato jealous. “Hey, don’t judge. Ever climax while passionately getting poked the wrong way?” The room goes ballistic, drinks sloshing everywhere, and faces turning as red as their wine.

Careers and Ambition

What Girls Really Talk About When They're Drunk

The “Pa-Career” Moments: Highlighting the most over-the-top attempts to impress the boss.

Shikaina, now savoring her Negroni, leans back and says, “Okay, let’s talk work. Who’s been kissing ass like there’s no tomorrow?” Kristina laughs, “You mean like Thea baking cookies for the boss every damn week?” Thea defends herself, “Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!” “Pa-career” moments, mga ka-HQties, we’ve all had ’em.

The “Pabibo sa Meeting” Chronicles: Analyzing the colleague who always has something to say but says nothing at all.

Jane, holding her Vodka and Watermelon Punch, chimes in, “What about that one person who won’t shut up in meetings?” Shikaina grins, “Oh, you mean like Kristina’s colleague who uses buzzwords like ‘synergy’ but has no clue what they mean?” Kristina nods, “Exactly! All talk, no substance.” A toast to the “Pabibo sa Meeting” all-stars.

The “Nasaan ang Hustisya?” Promotions: Investigating the least deserving promotions ever witnessed.

Thea, sipping her Peachy Keen, rolls her eyes, “Don’t even get me started on undeserved promotions.” Shikaina laughs, “Like when Jane’s lazy coworker got promoted just because he’s the boss’s nephew?” Jane sighs, “Nasaan ang hustisya, talaga?” A collective eye-roll ensues.

The “Walang Forever sa Trabaho” Realizations: Sharing the most epic job quitting stories.

Kristina, now on her Vodka Lime and Soda, gets serious, “Alright, who’s got the best ‘I quit’ story?” Shikaina smirks, “Well, there was that time Thea told her boss to shove it and walked out with the office coffee maker.” Thea grins, “Best decision ever.” “Walang forever sa trabaho,” indeed.

The “Saan Aabot ang 13th Month Mo?” Plans: Imagining the most outrageous plans for the year-end bonus.

Shikaina, finishing her Espresso Martini, wraps it up, “Last one, what’s the craziest thing you’d do with your 13th-month pay?” Jane giggles, “I’d probably buy a one-way ticket to Palawan and never come back.” Kristina adds, “I’d hire a private investigator to dig up dirt on my exes.” The room erupts in laughter, each one imagining their own wild 13th-month fantasies.

Chismis with Marites

What Girls Really Talk About When They're Drunk

The “Sino ‘Yan, Teh?” Alert: Investigating the juiciest love triangles in the barkada.

Shikaina, now sipping on her Vodka Lime and Soda, leans in and whispers, “Alright, spill the tea. Who’s been caught in a love triangle lately?” Kristina smirks, “You mean aside from Jane, Kevin, and that barista from Starbucks?” The room erupts in laughter, and Jane playfully swats at Kristina. “Sino ‘yan, teh?” indeed!

The “May Bago na Agad?” Bulletin: Reporting the quickest rebounds ever witnessed.

Thea, holding her Vodka Spritz, chimes in, “Speaking of love, who’s moved on the quickest?” Shikaina grins, “Oh, you mean like how Kristina found a new guy before her ex even moved out?” Kristina shrugs, “What can I say? I don’t waste time!” The room toasts to Kristina, the rebound queen.

The “Hindi Ko Alam ‘Yan” Denials: Debunking the most unbelievable denials that everyone knows are lies.

Jane, sipping her Peachy Keen like it’s the nectar of the gods, throws some shade, “Alright, who’s been bullshitting us lately?” Shikaina can’t help but chuckle, “Oh, you mean like when Thea flirted with your jowa at that party and then pretended she didn’t know he was yours?” Thea’s face turns as red as the vodka watermelon punch, “Guilty as charged!” The room bursts into laughter. “Hindi ko alam ‘yan” my ass, Thea!

The “Nakakaloka!” Scandals: Revealing the most shocking revelations that left everyone shookt.

Kristina, refilling her Moscow Mule like it’s the fountain of youth, leans in, “Okay, spill the tea. What’s the most batshit crazy scandal we’ve uncovered?” Shikaina can’t contain herself, “Oh, you mean like when we found out about Thea’s 10 kabet?” The room’s collective jaw drops. Thea interrupts, “Hold up, hold up! Let’s get the facts straight. It’s not 10, mga besh, it’s 14! And guess what? I’m fuckin’ proud!” The room erupts in a mix of shock and applause. “Nakakaloka!” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The “Sino’ng Next na Matatanggal?” Speculations: Guessing who’s on the chopping block at work next.

Thea, downing her last sip of Espresso Martini, changes gears, “Alright, let’s get corporate for a sec. Who do you think is getting the boot next at work?” Shikaina smirks, “You mean like how everyone thought it was gonna be Kristina because she’s always late, but it turned out to be her boss?” Kristina chimes in, “Yeah, karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?” The room erupts in laughter, each one sharing their own office horror stories of near-misses and unexpected twists. Ah, the joys of the daily grind, best served with a side of vodka lime and soda.

The Random and the Absurd

What Girls Really Talk About When They're Drunk

The “Hala, Seryoso Ka Ba?” Theories: Exploring outrageous conspiracy theories.

Shikaina now switching to a Moscow Mule, leans in and whispers, “Okay, who’s got a conspiracy theory that’ll blow our minds?” Kristina grins, “Oh, you mean like how Jollibee’s secret ingredient is actually fairy dust?” The room bursts into laughter. “Hala, seryoso ka ba?” Thea exclaims. Oh, the things you’ll believe when you’re tipsy.

The “Biglang Naging Chef” Phenomenon: Celebrating bizarre food concoctions.

Jane, now sipping her Vodka Spritz, says, “Speaking of food, who’s tried cooking something weird lately?” Shikaina raises her hand, “I tried making adobo with chocolate. Don’t ask.” Thea adds, “That’s nothing. I made sinigang with 7-Up and vodka!” The room erupts in a mix of awe and disgust. “Biglang naging chef, eh?”

The “Napagtripan Lang” Pranks: Recounting the most random pranks pulled.

Kristina, clutching her Peachy Keen like it’s the last drink on Earth, can’t contain her laughter, “Alright, pranksters, spill the beans!” Shikaina grins devilishly, “Oh, you mean my infamous ‘poo’ prank? It went viral on Tik Tok… I pretended to take a shit, asked my niece to hand me toilet paper, and then smeared ‘poo’ all over her hand. It was just coconut jam, but her faces was priceless!” Thea bursts out laughing, “You’re a freaking genius! All I did was switch the sugar and salt shakers.” Glasses clink in honor of the “Napagtripan Lang” legends.

The “Saan Mo Nakuha ‘Yan?” Finds: Showcasing the weirdest things ever brought to a party.

Kristina, sipping her Negroni like it’s the elixir of life, throws out a question, “So, who’s brought the weirdest shit to a party?” Shikaina can’t help but smirk, “You mean like the time Jane thought a Ouija board would be a party hit?” Lara jumps in, “Hey, it was a conversation starter, okay?” Thea chimes in, “Well, that’s nothing. Remember when I showed up with a live chicken?” The room erupts in laughter. “Don’t even ask why. Let’s just say, it was cluckin’ legendary!”

Wholesome Memories

What Girls Really Talk About When They're Drunk

The “Lasing pero Loyal” Night: That time everyone got drunk but still got each other home safely.

Shikaina, now savoring a Moscow Mule, starts off, “Remember that night we all got shitfaced but still managed to get each other home?” Kristina grins, “Oh, you mean the night we turned into a human GPS system?” Shikaina nods, “Exactly, lasing pero loya!” The room erupts in cheers, clinking their glasses together.

The “Bida-Bida sa Videoke”: A recap of the most epic karaoke performances.

Thea, now on her Vodka and Watermelon Punch, takes the mic, “Who can forget our legendary karaoke nights?” Shikaina laughs, “Ah, the night Jane sang ‘My Way’ and we all feared for our lives?” The room bursts into laughter, each one recalling their own “Bida-Bida sa Videoke” moments.

The “Hindi Ko ‘Yan Inexpect” Surprise: A showcase of the most unexpected but heartwarming gifts or gestures.

Jane, sipping her Negroni, gets sentimental, “What about those unexpected surprises that just melt your heart?” Shikaina smiles, “Like when Kristina surprised me with that spa day after my breakup?” Kristina nods, “Girl, you needed it!” The room awws, each one touched by the “Hindi Ko ‘Yan Inexpect” moments they’ve shared.

The “Walang Iwanan” Pact: A tribute to the time everyone stuck together through thick and thin.

Kristina, now enjoying her Peachy Keen, gets serious, “We’ve been through some shit, but we’ve always stuck together.” Shikaina raises her glass, “To the ‘Walang Iwanan’ pact!” Glasses clink, and the room feels the love, each one silently grateful for their ride-or-die crew.

The “Bawal Judgmental” Zone: A space for the most open and accepting conversations ever had.

Thea, back on her Espresso Martini, wraps it up, “Last but not least, the ‘Bawal Judgmental’ zone.” Shikaina nods, “Where we can talk about anything and everything, no judgments.” The room nods in agreement, each one thankful for a space where they can be their unfiltered selves.


Ah, mga ka-HQties, what a rollercoaster, ‘di ba? From the ghosts of our exes to the absurdities that make us question our sanity, inuman sessions are the therapy we didn’t know we needed but absolutely deserve. It’s where we spill tea, share secrets, and let our freak flags fly higher than a kite on a windy day.

So, here’s to the nights we’ll never remember and the friends we’ll never forget. To the stories that make us laugh, cringe, and sometimes do both at the same time. To the Vodka Spritzes, the Peachy Keens, and the Negronis that fuel our deepest conversations and wildest antics.

Let’s raise our glasses, HQties. Here’s to you, to me, to us. Cheers to the chaos, the drama, the laughter, and the love. Until the next inuman session, mga ka-HQties. Tagay!

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Drop your stories in the comments below or shoot us a message. Let’s keep this inuman session going, even if it’s just virtual for now. Who knows, your story might just be the star of our next wild night out. So go ahead, spill that tea, and let’s keep the good times rolling!

Tagay, mga ka-HQties! Until the next round.

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